Is it worth getting a Chris King external BB over Shimano?

Okay so I saw Blakey’s new build, and the CK bottom bracket looks super sweet. The question is it a worthy investment, or just a bit of bling? I’ll be honest I don’t do a lot of wet weather riding with my road bike, and I haven’t yet worn out a standard Ultegra Shimano external BB yet.
It’s for a road bike BTW, not CX/MTB.

So basically a nice bit of kit that looks sweet but is probably not necessary?

i’m going to suggest that it is just a bit of bling, AND a worthy investment.

i have one. it’s good.

These things are win/win!

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the right component will do the job. there’s always more desirable things to spend your money on. it comes down to ‘can your afford it’ and nothing else.

But the question is does it do a better job than the standard Shimano product?

Is tiagra really that bad, are Rapha shoes with yak leather so good, etc etc…

They all do the same thing that much cheaper parts can do. Do they do the job THAT much better? Unless you’ve experienced it, who is to know. And who is to care?

If its matching your ano red headset and hubs I would do it. As a sole part upgrade, unless I had cash to burn, meh. I’m sure the Ultegra BB is fine!

But it is nice to have nice parts/things. Hence why I didn’t buy tiagra lol

does a car made in Japan (Toyota Corolla) get you to your destination better than one made in America (Chrysler C300)? you might feel the more expensive one DOES get you there better, but that’s just subjective…

as per HLC ^^

I now feel like getting a Sora BB then

I was kind of hoping for people who have a CK BB to say either

“Yeah it has outlasted my last Shimano BB by 2 years…”

or “My Shimano one lasted just a long”

You’re paying for durability, right?

The grease purge functionality sounds cool!

Are the bearings user serviceable? - if yes then you can say its a sustainability thing

just get the damn chris king bb!!! [shakes fist] :mad:

Why do I manage to annoy everyone on this forum, [clicks aspirevelotech buy button]

Thanks peps!

It is bearings to make the cranks spin.

Chris King is having a bit of laugh with the price though- fucking $130.00 geeze.

Edit- damn they have a ceramic option! New dilema icecream!

ah shit… we’ll need a new thread to thrash that out. :smiley:

Ceramics rule and if the bearings are quality ones will handle winter much better than steel bearing
And don’t worry it’s cheaper than a THM BB :wink:

I have an uninstalled one and when I hold it I feel cool.

don’t bother. Not for a road bike. I got that red one hella cheap used. Ultegra cups are cheap and last long enough for you.

Ah the voice of reason. Thank Blakey.
Just wanna keep up with the Blakey-Jonses

i usually flip a coin on such important dilemmas…either its buy or not buy.