Is it worth getting a Chris King external BB over Shimano?

Get a Hope, $50 less and just as good.

Everything Chris King always,

Except you will be living on pasta and rice thereafter…

Do it! Looks real pretty and it will make me feel better about buying $380 yak shoes with 1990’s technology

Heads on both sides, huh?

I also highly recommend the Hope road/MTB bottom brackets. They’re serviceable and the bearings can be replaced, but they go forever in standard form.

ha! for some strange reason i end up convincing myself the coin is bullshit and i should just buy it

funny thing is im actually super fickle when it comes to making decisions.

In my experience, anything Chris King is a complete and utter waste of time and fucking money.

Now now Rhys my 1" head set has never let you down and it never will… :wink:

Go CK if pink/mango = winning 4 you. Otherwise get Hope & save $$$

these are way more expensiver than $130.00, try $399…


can’t do that with your CK external huh

Horatio, how do you ever get anything done?

chris king stuff is a complete waste of money but pretty much everything in cycling is a complete waste of money

wot about fixies

fixies are fucking amazing, priceless really

what is that, a fucking dreidel?

and campag- you can buy soul