Is this bike worth buying?

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Definitely, and their estimate of $1200 RRP is very conservative, so at the current price it’s a steal.

| Peugeot Single Speed Road Bike | Genuine Vintage 1970’s Peugeot Frame |
| Velocity B43 Deep Dish Wheels, Shimano Brake | Amazing looking bike, turns heads |
| wheels, brake, pedals, all as new | rrp $1200 pick-up Coogee | mobile: 0437 627 588

shall i ring him and ask him what size it is Ryan? looks like I might have found myself a new ride.

I would’ve kept this link to myself!!
Now you’ve let the cat out of the bag, don’t be surprised if it goes for alot more than its listed for currently!!

Well, it’d be pretty shit to cut this person’s lunch, but it’s a buyer’s market so I guess if you win the auction then they can’t really be too upset because you were just willing to pay the fairer price.

cool, will definetely bid on it than

Looks like the jury is out regarding Robert Lord’s sausage knife.

Is that you Robert?

with a high feedback score of 92.3% you can bid with confidence on this one.

nah, I just want to get a new bike but didnt know if this bike was worth it

Hang on, forgot to ask one important question…

What do you intend to do with it? Is it for racing, or an investment? Because it goes without saying that if you were to buy it then part it out you could probably double if not triple your money.

I would go riding a few times a week, not race just meet ups and stuff

Apart from the terrible wheels and the fact it’s a conversion, it’s awesome

this thread makes me sad


thread locked before someone ruins it.

also, dude, we have a “new buyer’s guide” for this kind of question. re-ask it there.