Is this your bike?

I was just shown this at work, I know nothing about the bike or the person that posted the ad on gumtree but figured someone here may know who’s it is.

Is This Your Bike??? | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Yarra Area - Collingwood

Synchronised posts. Nice one!

Is This Your Pencil??? | Lost & Found | Gumtree Australia Port Phillip - St Kilda

fuck, that bike ad has had 52000 views!!

good to hear that the original owner got it back.

god bless the interwebz.

^^^ lol

‘Hello, I bought this bike from a junkie tonight. Is it yours?’ |

Thats awesome. Nice work!

"“He gave me a $100 and so I spent the extra on a bottle of whisky.”

what a happy ending

The guy is just a top bloke isn’t he!
He has another bike, not as nice as the last one,

Is This Your Bike??? (Round 2) | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Yarra Area - Collingwood

If it wasn’t for the “apparent police” station, I’d say that he is the thief trying to make some small $$. If some junkie offered me a stolen bike (again), I’d call the police immediately, then flog him!

This is what I thought at first.

-He steals a bike
-Uses an excellent excuse that cannot be traced back to him stealing it
-Makes a bit of cash for it, because selling a stolen bike would no doubt be hard

Seems dodgy to me

Step 4 - Go viral?
Seems like a lot of effort for $100, plus he’s left a pretty large trail…


Stolen bike listed on Gumtree earns warning for good samaritan

What a bunch of shit. You could stake out a thief and call the cops and they probably wouldn’t respond but instead you do what you can to help and could get fined? Rubbish.
*(conspiracy theories aside)

fuck me.

The lesson here is…

Thieves love triple triangles.

I once paid $15 to get my own stolen wheel back. Did I do a crime!?

Yes. I have alerted the appropriate authorities.

brb, gotta turn myself in. see u guys in 4 years

Geez, talk about missing the spirit of the law