It is winter, I'm sick of wet feet. Which shoe covers?

Hello team,
It is now winter and I’m sick of damp feet/shoes on these cold and wet mornings.
What shoe covers do you suggest?
I currently have some Velotoze swimming cap type, which function perfectly, though I don’t see them as a long term solution as I expect them to split and they are also a pain to remove.
They don’t need to be quilted for warmth, as long as they block out the water and wind, they’ll be more than suitable…

Thank you for answering what seems like a basic question, I just don’t see the point in experimenting and buying/gambling on a few pairs when I know the commuter cup veterans in here will be able to suggest an answer.

Thanks again.

Love from Moccos.

In my experience nothing is water proof, no matter how much they claim it is. I’ve been so disappointed by ‘waterproof’ cycling jackets and shoes covers. Even with Scothguard type sprays water beading only lasts 10 minutes or so then its game over

I’ve got some cheapo Netti neoprene shoe covers that work pretty well in light rain. I only use them a couple of times a year when the temp is below about 3 or 4 cos they run pretty warm. They’re not gonna keep you dry in a deluge but they at least keep the wind out.

If I ever have to do a long ride in the rain again I’m gonna double sock with a plastic bag between the socks. Probably not an option for commuting tho.

Same as Avy, I’ve got some cheap DHB neoprene and they’re good. I’ve ridden in the rain and they do an okay job at keeping you feet dry-ish. They’re warm so for CBR they’re great, but for Melbs possibly overkill. I guess you need some Velotoze with a zip.

I also have the DHB ones in toe-cover-way, they’re great for cold winds cos my Giros have that mesh upper.
The Nettis are the full shoe deal, with a zip up the back. Super warm.

A train carriage.

I would go waterproof socks if your only concern is your feet and not wet shoes. Or double up…


They don’t stop the rain

Re-apply talcum powder every few uses and removal will be a bit easier and the risk of tears or damage will be lower.

I’m very surprised with how much use I’ve gotten out of mine

Would stop the front wheel from throwing all that water at your feet though.

I know I saw someone somewhere with a pic of the new waterproof socks that were filled with air, looked like a balloon. Thought it was in coverage of Sea Otter.

Edit: Bingo, RKP had it.

Have had issues with zips blowing on cheap and/or tight fit covers
I got Mrs Swuzz some BBB brand with no zip and they’re working fine
I’m running some via Wiggle with a velcro tab behind the zip but only worn them twice so far

Buy neoprene ones and for proper wet mornings wrap glad wrap over your shoes then the over boots over that.

Got them already, front and rear.

Thanks for the suggestion, I might buy some talcum powder at lunch.

Honestly, its more the wet shoes than socks. Putting a wet shoe on in the afternoon is not a nice feeling.

This is a good idea also, thank you.
Will add glad wrap to the shopping list.

Shove newspaper into your shoes in the morning. Replace now soggy news paper about half way through the day to get it as dry as possible by the afternoon, should soak up 99% of the water.

The newspaper tip is a good one. With the glad wrap tip, don’t you end up steaming your feet?

If it’s mainly commuting, I have some of those Chrome storm shoes, been going for 3 ish years and only had water completely permeate them 3 or 4 times while on the road all day doing messenger work. Without waterproof socks, with waterproof socks a la Sealskins etc, feet and the inside of the shoe was always dry as a dogs dick.

If it’s cold and there’s no water, how you steam?