Its been a long time coming but may I present you, The viper bike...

My name’s Ben. Im an industrial designer and bike enthusiast. This is my latest build, about a year in the making.

1960’s Old school Track frame I picked up a while back
Weinmann DP Rims Laced to Polished Hubs
Reclaimed Bars, stripped and poly coated
Reclaimed SR Black Stem
Reclaimed SR Seatpost
Paul Components Royal Flush 170mm Crankset
Original 1960’s KKT pedals
Sugino Track Cog
Custom ‘Viper’ Texture, Bronze & Graphite coating.

WTF you might ask… I work for a specialist metal coating company called Axolotl. We take real metals and coat them in liquid form onto pretty much any solid surface, its a luxury product used for kitchens, doors, feature walls, sculptures and now my bike.

This design is created using a template, coating the whole bike in liquid bronze, lifting the template, coating again in graphite, then cutting back the scales to reveal the bronze underneath. The result is a kind of ripped snakeskin called viper. I’m pretty sure this is the first bike in the world to have this kind of paint-job. Hope you like it.

This is where I started.

No doubt the ‘paint’ is pretty wild… can you get a closer photo?

I’m guessing it isn’t a cheap process.

How do you stop it?

of course you are.

There will be haters, but fuck it, I like it… you have done something that I haven’t seen done to a bike frame.
I can imagine it would be brilliant in the flesh.

Nice one,

Have been looking into coatings like these, got any info you can send me?

obviously not by ssssssssssssskidding…

Working on better pics, forgot my flikr account details. And yeah, this would typically be around 1K.
@JLN not ZLTN @AtotheJ
Its got a reverse gear :slight_smile: I know, Im on the lookout for some MKS clips + straps if you have some lying about.
try or

so you had to first apply the snake skin template? it’s pretty sweet, add much weight? i like it, but why do (we) industrial designers always feel the need to tell everyone what we do? for the record i hate those flat bars, but whatever, its a nice machine regardless

What did bartape and bar-plugs ever do to deserve their perpetual neglect in ‘designer’ bikes?

duh, after the proprietary drivetrain he couldn’t afford bartape/ends (or any kind of stopping mechanism…)

so like T-1000??? sweet!

i’m gunna paint my master x light with solver duraguard.
i’m a house painter and a bike enthusiast.

nice bike tho, ben.

you should do a wobble board splatter effect, wet paint on wobble board and play along to your favourite ralphie song on, epic

Rolf Harris on British Paints ad (Australian ad, 1978) - YouTube

Sure is, thanks for all the comments. Hopefully will get out on it soon. The ability to stop is a negative.

This one of a kind Cycle is For Sale! Check complete bikes section.

Not until you name a price it isn’t.