It's not a Tron bike...

So, no UCI design rules, open to “new” tech (Disc brakes) and enough storage to provision a small army (and keep the centre of gravity as low as possible?) - what does everyone think about the new Diamondback Andean?

If there was no UCI design rules wouldn’t you just ride this?

Can’t wait to see the Freds doing lake laps with this

It will be the worlds fastest bike in a tunnel but the worlds most dangerous in the slightest of side breeze.
To be honest Moser and Cinelli and the likes did bikes real similar in the 80’s.

I’d love to have a go riding one on a calm day. Agreed with Dayne though, looks like it’d be terrible in anything other than a full on head wind. Would like to see wind tunnel data at a variety of yaw angles.

Edit: after a little reading it seems it is very aero at all yaw angles, still going to be a kite in the wind though.

What I don’t get is that from the website it seems they are actually selling it to be raced by triathletes, yet it’s not UCI compliant.

I was under the impression that Triathlon has different rules and regulations and doesn’t comply with UCI?

This is correct, which is why Specialized have two models of the Shiv. They don’t have the 3:1 rule etc etc, pretty sure they’re allowed farings and all that jazz. Makes for pretty fugly bikes.

Good thing everything else about tri is awesome hey!!

Wouldn’t want to have to piss on a good looking bike

Pretty sure this thing is actually a porter loo

Does it have rack mounts?

Can’t go #allroadenduro either

Pretty sure it has “optimized” Geo though so it fits 650b, 700c, 26" and 24".

Quoted for lolz.

Also why has no one made a ‘heavymetal Jono could live comfortably in that downtube’ joke?

Because that would be rude.

Also, I think you just did.

one of the best comments in the history of this forum


I’m 95 kegs currently and cop the feels on Roval CL64s in a breeze, this thing would have to be a giant bag of dicks to ride, but with all that storage it’ll certainly show up in all of next years trans whatever races