It's the pants!

If you were describing something as ‘It’s the pants!’ - does this mean something is good or bad?

You should get the belt for this.

This thread is riveting.

But what belt?

this thread is pants

If the pants belong to ants then yes


This is the death knell of fixies we’ve all been pathetically hanging around here to witness. This is the end.

So it’s the pants, then?

Is this a bit like a scallop and potato cake?

It’s a bloody potato Scallop

Bullshit, it’s a potato cake.


There is no debate, it’s a potato cake. And the Parma goes next to the chips not on top.

Okay - I described a bike that I thought was good as “the pants”. This was met with confusion as they thought I meant that the bike was terrible. I had my whole world flipped upside down as I had always thought that “the pants” was good… it seems the world is divided on this one.

And it’s a potato scallop.

Have you been grievously offending people all these years when you thought you were complimenting them?

“the pants” = good
“pants” = bad

No wonder why I don’t have any friends!

Potato fritter.

It’s just a rather large chip

If it’s a potato cake why no icing?
you losers
Oh and it’s the pants =Good