It's time... What is the F(ake) Moser?

So you all know my F(ake) Moser bike, right? Well all I new was that it is Australian made and not a real F. Moser and that’s it. I’ve been told by different people different builders and one guy was positive it was a Kenevans. Now I have a “real” Kenevans track frame at my house right now and I starting making a few comparisons…

Firstly the lugs at the head tube and seat tube look pretty much identical (to my eyes, but I do wear glasses).

Ken on left, Moser on right.

Ken at bottom, Moser at top.

Also, the forks on the Moser look exactly the same as an Evolution track frame (which I believe was made by either Ken or Paul?).

The dropouts on both the Ken and Moser are Columbus. They both take 27.2mm seat posts. The seat tube cluster look similar on both. The Moser has a Cinelli road bottom bracket with the serial number 03 76 (or 5) stamped on it, then Ken has 18 59 stamped on it.

Now I’m not making the assumption that the F(ake) Moser is a Kenevans (or a Evolution), but there is a few similar features between both frames. I would like to know it’s history a little bit though. Any help would be nice though.

Who knows, it could be a McBain!

its a mendoza

Same lugs/dropouts as my ken: the f(ake) moser is a pursuit isn’t it? Might be worth comparing to mine…

I’m not very good at this game, although I do enjoy playing.

Lugs are lugs, anyone can buy them so they aren’t really helpful in determining a frame builder unless they have been modified.

With the Ken there to compare - are the tiny little vent holes in the same place? That Cinelli road BB shell rings a rather loud bell in my head, but I can’t recall where I’ve seen this before. Have you tried to contact Mr Evans with the serial number?

There was a white kenevans track on ebay about six months back. It had blue decals. 53cm if I recall correctly. This too had a cinelli road bb shell.

Oh yeah, then Ken I’m comparing it to is a pursuit frame as well.

I’ll do some more investigating.

If I could peel myself off this couch I’d take some detailed shots of mine, but the man-flu has hit me hard…

The Cinelli road BB shell seems to be a recurring theme - when I helped user Hide with his new Kenevans, it too had a Cinelli road BB.


someone had to do it.

loveley bikes, was the ken the one from perth?

I dunno, does the ken have ‘archers of loaf’ on the top tube?

The Ken was bought off here. I’m “frame sitting” it at the moment for a friend. It’s too small for me, so sadly I can’t build it up to ride.

The Ken doesn’t have Archers Of Loaf on the top tube.


It’s alright, I have a few more AoL stickers.

The lugs look the same but that’s no clue as hundreds of builders used the very same lugs. If they were shaped or carved rather than bog stock that would be a clue … but not here. The real clues are in the smaller details … vent holes, the way the dropouts are attached, and internally the mitering or internal vent holes in the seat and head tubes. More obvious is the way the stays attach the seat lug but these are brazed direct rather than capped or plugged. Most serial numbers are all over the shop … without any consistency or sequence.

Look at the smaller stuff and it could help confirm what you have if it’s matching on others which have known provenance. Otherwise it’s a McSomethin’ :wink:

This Ken serial number looks very similar to mine…

Same BB shell, same number placement. Just sayin’.

use more Google Brah

I’m guessing you have contacted ken evans?

He may know…

Pot. Kettle. Black.

Didn’t work…

Yeah, I guess I can take some photos and call him / maybe email him.

Contacting Ken is the first thing I would have done! Esp. with so many seemingly common comparions with the real Ken!!! All my Hillman had was a sticker, so I sent an email describing the bike, and they answered me back the next day confirming!