Iwagumi aquascaping?

I’m making a nano tank and I’m wondering if anyone is into it here.

Let me know thanks

Fucking random.

At the risk of outing myself: yes I have been an aquarium nerd

I take it you are aware of Takashi Amano’s work? I visited his “gallery” in Niigata many years ago

How come bike forums always end up having a fish jail thread?

Yeah I’m into him although now the ethos of aquascaping is following basic Iwagumi principles.

I’m just starting to learn about the whole thing so reading lots

Regarding fish jail-- my tank will probably have no fish or shrimp…just rocks, plants and maybe a snail or two

Takashi’s work is amazing! I started getting into this a few years back but I just didn’t have the right space for it at home, and algae became my enemy. Moved out shortly after and my tanks, media, gravel etc all sit in a box out in the garage. One day I might set it up again.

What pissed me off initially was the cost of plants! Lucky I bought enough stuff at a local shop that i could get mates rates.

horse - set it up at work.

some cool shit

Ok, that’s very cool.

This one is amazing.

They are fucking amazing!!! I wonder how hard they are to clean.

minimal cleaning

plants grow like nuts so there is little no dead plant life decaying in the water
very little fish or other water animals that leave waste etc

it’s not for the novice aquarium keeper

It’s all about The Golden Rule
Guide to Iwagumi Aquaria - Leonardo’s Reef

Speaking of which I built a wooden kitchen table and four chairs once that followed this rule and they were beautiful
it works!

I aint no biologist (…no wait, I am) but this doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Plants that grow really fast tend to have a lot of detritus i.e bamboo.

Regardless, those aquariums are awesome.

Wow these are all designed around the same principles as bonsai,
I cant read any more or i will be hooked,

Heres my Japanese hero

You need to trim the plants pretty regularly to remove nutrients/ prevent die off.

so would this classify as beardo activity?

It’s obsesso/nerd enough, so probably, yes.

if i had room at my place/time on my hands i’d love to get into this. gazing at a nice aquarium is so relaxing.

also i’m a world champ at killing the most hardy of outdoor plants. so something like this wouldn’t stand a chance.

As I have said a few times now…this type of aquarium is not for the beginner.

You need to know a heap about your lightning, substrate and filtration.

Nano tanks are usually harder than the larger tanks because the is less area for error.

My tank will be 20cm x 20cm x 20cm and hold 10 litres.

Sorry. I meant that as plants aren’t being destroyed by agressive fish, poor plant husbandary etc there is little dead plants lying around and increasing the nitrites.

holy shit, next level fish keeping!! lightning!!

we’re gonna want pics…