Iwagumi aquascaping?

They look awesome, but I have nowhere near that level of patience.

least you don’t have to remember to water them

I’ve long maintained that no fish tank is complete without a van de graf generator :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow - will it be entering the forth dimension?

they looked awesome

funnily enough someones giving away a brand new fishtank at work…hmmmzz

Aaron: Buy this FS, Starfire 3x2x2 planted display setup,

Awesome buying with all the good gear

Not Aquascaping, but i made these tonight. Terrariums are kinda relevant


there’s a dude selling these for a pretty penny at rose street artist market…

are you this dude shortsie??

Nope. Does he sell em with little scenes?

yep, got the little ppl doin little ppl things.

only one I can remember properly was a little man on a ladder cleaning the inside of the glass. think they were made using the storage jars with the hinged lid & the terracotta coloured rubber seal. you know the ones I mean?

I’ve only ever been to rose street market. Once, years ago.
What a motherfucker. I hate when I make things that other people have made.

sorry dude :frowning:

I thought you must’ve been the same dude & I could come snoop on this mysterious shortsie character…

Ah its ok, The ones im planning to do are going to be pretty out there. Plane wreck survivors and such. These were kinda tests.
I should find out who this person is though.

and fight to the death?!?!

Now if someone did one with a Paris Roubaix theme… I’d buy it.



Is that a carpark of an insane clown posse show.