January 2018

Hey all - at this stage it is looking like I have all of January off due to too much leave built up. I am thinking I could hop on the bike for a coast trip or anywhere else for a bit of bikepacking.

Anyone else have similar time off and potentially want to look at doing something cool?

go do AOTB.

I have a week off in the middle of Jan but will most likely be hanging with kids. Looking forward to a ride soon though, mate!

Could be pretty hot? Go coastal I reckon!

MTB Tassie?

Yeah, this is why I am trying to avoid having forced leave at the hottest time of the year. I am not keen on it.

Well if you need a bed to base yourself from in Melbourne for some VIC adventures, I’ve got you covered.

Legend! Appreciate that Geoff.

It really is the worst time to travel

Hit up the Prom, good in even hot weather. Camp at Tidal River, ride around, hike, swim.

Yeah, the bad thing is that my wife doesn’t have any leave built up at the moment as she started a new job - so it would be a solo trip to an area that she would be interested in. I can’t do that :frowning:

are there places she’s not interested in?

Go nocturnal and ride during the night and sleep while it’s hot. Riding on a hot night is great, just watch the wildlife.

January in Unzud is AOK.

Actually, I’m gonna defs do the coast overnighter again. If Miles hasnt planned on running it, I will.

It will be a return trip with swims, fish’n’chips and pub meal.


SOEB - Summer of Ezy Biking

Eazy-E biking

i reckon it’d take almost a month to do attack of the buns on that bike…