Jens Voigt to attempt hour record

Jens will out last civilisation.

Tony Martin should give it a shot.

Fabian would be one to watch, of course

Grand news.

He’d be my pick. I can’t see anyone at the moment beating him.

Exclusive: Jens Voigt’s hour record Trek bike |

54x14 maybe, that’s going to hurt.

177.5mm cranks + larger Q factor = watch out for those pedals on the banking Jensy!

No pulling turns + speed = no worries!

Voigt’s status as the ‘Chuck Norris of cycling’ is referenced in two quotes on the bike — the top tube reads “Jens Voigt can beat the 1 hour record in under 60 minutes” and the downtube reads “Jens Voigt doesn’t normally ride in velodromes, because he doesn’t like to lap himself.”

From Cyclingtips

^From Velocipede Salon^


Must read: Jens Voigt’s hour-record pacing, playlist, and more -

Mix tape straight from a B&S ball.

Ugly kid Joe! What a man :slight_smile:

I’m gonna download that playlist and ride around muzza crit course for an hour

From what I have read in a couple of articles it looks like he’ll be using 55x14, 106gi. That’s pretty crazy considering team GB used 108gi (53x13) at worlds for the team pursuit which is only 16 laps. I can’t even fathom pushing 106gi for an hour.

Sooooooo is there a live feed we can get on for this??

Jens… ‘one’ is going to slow you down. How about ‘jump in the fire’, ‘whiplash’ or even ‘for whom the bell tolls’ instead

i don’t think he’s on the forum.

I wonder if out of respect for him, Fabian/Panzerwagen/The Fuckwit Brit will ‘let’ Jens have his 60 minutes of fame before attempting the record themselves next year.

I hope he does well. And yeah, 106gi for an hour with your face in the wind - no thank you.