Jens Voigt to attempt hour record

The attempt will happen in the Vélodrome Suisse in Grenchen.

Jens Voigt targets hour record on September 18 -

This is sweet.

He’ll got out hard at the beginning

i wonder what gearing he’ll run. he’s not exactly known for his fluid pedaling style…

…and ride solo to the finish.

maybe oratiohhhhhh could give him some pointers?

If the record attempt is located in Perth…

A huge one

didnt Wiggo suggest he was also looking to attempt it? Will be good either way

58x11? because from horatio’s armchair, that seems unacceptable.

Not going to use a road bike is he?

Needs to be a pursuit track bike IIRC.

Yerp, I think they’ve relaxed the rules: the hour used to have to be done on a traditional track bike with drops, but apparently they can now use whatever. So the first big name to do it is going to break the record and get their name as the first record holder under the new regime.
Good for Jensie: I figure the other big guns will sit back and see what’s possible before coming out and trying it on.

Disclaimer: I have no idea what I’m talking about.

I thought there were effectivly “two” classifications now.
The “Traditional” hour (same bike type as Merckx or something) and then “Modern” where it was more open?

There is now a unified hour record, rather than the Merckx and best human effort one. Would be awesome if he hit it under the Merckx rules

I remember the FOA hour record day years ago… fark hardest hour on the bike eva!

Yep, June 2015

Hope the link works, quick vid of Jens training for hour record attempt.

They need to televise this with a live progress worm of current and past record holders going on the bottom. Live odds would be cool too, I’m not a gambler and I hate gambling advertising but a little widget in the top corner would be interesting. Oh and a dog could be taken off the leash for 5 mins every quarter too in the spirit of cycling.

Seriously but I love the hour and can’t wait for all these attempts to go down

He will just ask for the biggest up front and smallest on the back
It’s just that simple