Jim Bundy x Peter Bundy

Just got this back from Star Enamellers:

More pics once I’ve built it up.

edit: all done, pics here.


fuggin tease. paint is sawwweeettt

whats the actual turn around on to paint something?

i know its usually months, but is that because he’s just too busy, or the process just takes that long?


So nice Alex.

Collaborations are so hot right now.

But yeah, looks awesome.

Yeah, you better post them up. Looks great so far.

Horizontal drop outs + Internal cable rooting = Very nice Alex!!

I was wondering if anyone would notice that shadow…

The story Peter tells me is that back when he was a young track sprinter, Jim built this frame for him, for fixed road training. Peter was happy to sell it as he’d had a few other bikes built over the years (as you might if your dad is Mr Jim Bundy).

I wanted it for the same purpose, so I asked Peter to do a bit of work for me. The top tube had a ding, so he replaced it for me, in the process adding internal cable routing. He also added the double bidon mounts - something I’ve always wanted on my fixed/road frames.

It’s all a bit anachronistic - the fork is late 70’s style, and the cable sockets early 2000’s - but the parts are going to be a jumble anyway, so I don’t mind. I’m more used to having ugly, functional bikes, so this is a bit of a treat.

Having a nice track frame with internal cable routing is awesome. I’ve always liked this Nagasawa custom built with cable guides.

Beautiful Bicycle: Ross’ Custom Nagasawa (Prolly Is Not Probably)

Holy crap, dream bike right there. It’s so good it can balance by itself, too!

I’ve never seen that Nagasawa before, but funnily enough, I’ve also got Superbe Pro parts lined up for this one.

The brakes for this are proving a bit tricky. I had planned to get some Dura Ace 7402 calipers, since I’ve got 7402 levers and a 7410 headset… but the reach would be too short.

Anyone recommendations on good brake calipers with 43-57mm reach? There’s always the old Dia-Compe 500s, but I was hoping for something a step up from that. Dual pivot might be worth it for the stopping power, as long as they’re not too ugly.

I need 44mm reach on the front and around 55 on the back, depending on the wheel’s position in the track ends. Ideas?

Modolo Professional. You’ll need to find a mismatched pair or buy as separate single brakes but they’ll look the same even though they are different lengths (39/49 front, 47/57 rear). Modern cartridge pads will make them even better.
Modolo Brakes at Yellow Jersey

Careful on this one, I’ve been caught out, old brakes tend to have wider spaced arms and used pads with a larger distance from braking surface to clamping surface, modern cart pads mean that the arms end up non parallel and for me, the braking suffered.

New “Cyclocross” cartridge holders however, a) take road inserts and b) are nice and wide.

this is very similar to my hillman, except much nicer.
track ends, but drilled for brakes on both ends

Sorted out the brake issues, finished the build, and took it for a test ride this morning. Pretty happy with how it turned out.

Jim Bundy x Peter Bundy - Photoset on Picasa

Faaaark… That’s sensibly nice!

A++++ will view again!

Edit: that saddle just makes it even better.

Looks great. Good choice on the brake levers.

Very nice indeed Alex! Love it.

wow, That’s pefect. and +1 on the saddle.

how does it ride?