jobs available

if anyone is interested in working for Adobe have a look here:

also - post any jobs you know about here

good idea lucas.

i heard today that berry st family services will be hiring a bunch of new caseworkers soon. any social workers out there?

i just found out my office shutting down. anyone looking for an electrical design engineer?

Bike messenger job up for grabs in Hobart. Check Bottles and Chains for more info.

I just lost my job

does anybody have any money i can haz?

same…moneyz pl0x

We wantz moneyz


jobs going in the outer eastern / northern / western / southern suburbs

prerequisites: marks who can’t spot a card skimmer

preferred but not essential: basic electrical engineering skills

to apply: just respond to anything in your spam folder from .ru and someone will get in touch with you

im perfect! i get moneyz now?

i would be happy to exchange money for your peloton roadie… :roll:

no dice friend.

if i were to sell it. it would be in euros and lots of em.

that would be my approach in your situation too…

outbound calls for the amy gillett foundation from home.

i gotz a new job now, dont needs moniez

that was quick… what doing?

damn you! im trying to get a job at my lbs but i think they just took on alot of bike noobs. cross fingers one fails so hard they get fired

Graphics Designs

Oh great, now you’ve become a double ‘waste of space’

but an employable one.

i saw that goldcross in richmond and camberwell are looking for mechanics.

we are all wastes of space muchacho.

im just a workin class fella tryin to provide for my family. in hard-time