John Cardiel and julian stranger.

If you know skateboarding you know these 2 guys.
They were riding fixed alot and pretty damn good. Looks like they went and got themselves road bikes.

Shore Break Baby - Cardiel Time Well Spent | OffTheWall.TV


Did enjoy, thanx.

Yeah John was on the Macaframa vid. he was an awesome skater, and one of the early guys to totally smash it snowboarding too

+1. That was sick

He was a ripper snowboarder, had a pro board out and everything. Ripping skateboarder. A shame such a crazy accident ended his skateboarding in an instant. Take every day like its your last. Glad he is getting that buzz out of life now on the bike!


One of my favorite skate parts of all time, actually makes me want to get out and skate again.


Yeah, he used to get major love from Thrasher and Transworld back in the day. He wasn’t my favorite skater, I prefered guys like Mike Carroll and Karma Tsocheff, a little more technical than John, but by no means as big a beast as he was.
Shame about his injury too.

what happened to him?

Was on a skate trip and got ran over by the team trailer somehow I think. They thought he’d never walk again!

Some dudes can just shred anything.

this does not explain his lack of knowing how to descend and corner correctly
rad music though

And all without a helmet too.

Also why are they not wearing helmets? At these speeds it seems well ridiculous.

I walked past the gold rail he 50-50’d in Downtown SF everyday last week. The thing is nuts. The run up ain’t so bad (except it’s bricks and right next to a major hotel) the sheer size of it is crazy and the landing is downhill straight into a busy intersection.

[video]- YouTube

dude is inspiring.

seeing footage of him pumping around bowls and parks again is sick as well.

If you haven’t seen it, his Epicly Later’d interview(documentary?!) is a great watch.

it wasnt the team trailer, it was a passing car/van. here in melbourne at the end of the ‘tent city’ trip (that became the film).

julian rides with the macaframa guys quite a bit too, but in keeping with his antihero skate life he doesnt make a big deal of it. he is in macaframa as well. Dude is well hard and very fast. He rides like he skates.

His name pops up in the top end of a few alleycats as well.


It was the team trailer. He got out of the van he was in while it was stopped at the traffic lights after the demo at Prahran, went up to the van in front but the lights changed and the van went forward and he get caught up in the trailer it was towing.