John Mildenhall townie.

My wonderful partner Emily is starting to suffer the ill effects of a mis-sized road bike combined with an overloaded back pack, resulting in the need for something a little more forgiving. Forgiving and easy on the eye were the specifications, here is the result:


Still to come is a rear pannier rack and a bit of adjustment on the front guard.

John Mildenhall was a partner in Tamari Cycles on the Gold Coast back in the 80’s. No idea who built it, but it’s a nice match for my Tamari road bike.


How’s that fork crown hole going?

This is very good.

Just gonna leave the old 105 brakes on there for now, they work alright for old single pivots. I’ll sort out the fork crown at some point down the line.

matching saddle and grips make me smile

it looks great erle!

Those 105 SLR single pivot brakes are actually really good. Sheldon Brown rates them as his favourite sidepull caliper ever, If I knew you were drilling to get rid of these, I would never have held the fork for you.

Then again, drill, replace, and sell 'em to me. I should never have sold my pair.

They’re golden arrows.

This and it will be perfect!

Classy work. I’m into it.

Carry on, then.

this bike has got to be worth the ‘accidental’ purchase of a few more bikes :wink:

solid work… she should be very stoked.