Just picked this up for $20, well spent?

From the depths of a shed of a guy I met at the local on Sunday afternoon.
the headset is rooted but other than that in good nick. Allumini alloy frame, carbon forks. And the cranks…?

awesome, crankset alone are worth that!

roadie or ss? or fixed with eno/magic gear?

sell it to me for $40 and double your money

Roadie I think.
I will buy stuff as I go, only just go other roadie going though so itll be slow going

providing it’s the right size, it’s an awesome pickup.

Ill triple your money at $60

i’ll give you $25

Forks = Carboner.

The bloke you bought it off must have stolen it to let you have it for $20. Bargain of the century.

Indeed. Was he also selling a toaster oven and a bag of pot? Cos that guy owes me a toaster oven.

I don’t think it Was stolen, it was in the back of his shed covered in cobwebs and crap.
Plus he didn’t know too much about bikes, told me it was carbon fibre frame to begin with when I met him at the pub (and he was pissed).

Dude is an idiot. Those things with veloce on them retailed for about 3 grand in aus, about 5-6 years ago.

I thought that might be the case. I’ll have to put some decent parts on it then and I’ll use it as my road bike. I don’t really have a decent road bike, just a softride which still needs a little attention really.

which pub? (ex randwick local)

That’s why it seems a little odd. What is a guy who doesn’t know much about bikes doing with this bike? Sure it’s legit and like I said you’ve just picked up the sale of the century. I clearly need to get pissed in pubs and talk to more strangers. Would like to have been there just to see how you got on to the subject of the bike in back of the shed.

Bowling club near northwood, we were sitting outside with our bikes, he mentioned he used to ride a bike a bit. Took my fixed gear for a spin around the carpark (nearly fell off) then mention he had this old frame he was going to put together as a single speed but couldn’t be stuffed with getting spacers and stuff, so said I can have it for five bucks. Though when I called he said 20 $. I genuinely don’t think it’s stolen.

Yeah I’m not at randwick anymore. Need to update that

he couldve been given the frame, so he wasnt fussed on how much he sells it for

He could use it as a lure to entrap cyclist’s were he then stalks you then eats you.
Just saying

Well he was busy when I went round, but I’m going back because he said he has a box of parts that came with the bike I can see what I want out of it.
I’ll be sure to take my pepper spray.