Kanyes new shoes..

Grand Tour Shoes | Rapha

These or speedplay ergo 3s???

304g per shoe Kanye, surely that is unacceptable??

get whichever ones are the most expensive, duh.

Those Rapha shoes look shit. Definately would not expect something like that from Giro whether they are made of yak leather or not. Especially at that price point.

I’ll vote the sidi’s without even seeing them. Nearly all sidi’s look pimp. Aside from the ones that are pearlescent. They are bad pimp.

Edit: these rule.

I got a pair of the ergo 2s in white patent leather already…
They are looking a bit tired though, still perform amazingly
Price difference it $50, I like the styling of the rapha shoes and have never used giros.

Long after the price is forgotten, all that remains is they are/or aren’t one’s you wished you had. If that’s the Rapha’s then get 'em.

They look swank, even I’d wear 'em (although I do like the yellow Mavic’s) … but my need for road shoe’s is next to zero. My Vittoria '76’s are nearly 18 months old and I’ve worn them for exactly 42km’s.

Sounds like your mind is made up :stuck_out_tongue:


Im already the Sydney rapha pinup boy… Just ask spirito

I do think they look swank and by all accounts the giros are shit hot shoes.

Also reguarding the weight… The ergos are a bit heavier again
This is a mater of form over function…

I was gona sell my 2’s cheap and replace em with 3’s but If I get the Raphas I’ll keep the 2’s for nasty weather… Hmmm first world

Ohh and I wasn’t born in this great country… I fucking hate thongs unless you are at the beach…

I just bought some giro trans road shoes and they are amaze balls,

I still personally would get the sidi’s over the Rapha but if you have ergo 2’s already…

YEa thats the thing… New cleats on the 2’s and other than the srapes and scratches I prolly couldn’t tell the difference

True … I don’t think I’ve ever seen Kanye in anything other than lycra (albeit expensive).

Hard to believe now, but he took to the Lycra kicking and screaming.

Buy the rapha shoes. Spizzo is right, you’ll hate yourself if you don’t.

14 post and not one mention of SPD Sandals?

SPDs what are those?

fiziks. they look the bomb.

Specialized 74 are what I want for track.
But seriously I love my sidi’s
But I have them wedged up and new foot beds.
Does any body in aus have the Rapha ones it would suck to buy online and hate the feel.

I have my sidis sorted out with nice foot beds too. The ones that come with the sidis are pretty fucking shit for a $400+ shoe
I could go and try some giros on I reckon. They arn’t avaible any where right now.
Maybe one of the sydney retailers might get a few pairs… And at least they won’t be 30% more…

buy the Rapha shoes, put them on, then drink the Kool-Aid.