Kenevans Road Frame 56cm

A frame i’m selling:

Kenevans frame columbus campagnolo | eBay

No reserve, get yourself a bargain.

Of course open to offers from FOA members.

So pissed it’s not my size.

1cm less and i would’ve kept it


real price?

Bidding :wink:

Of course you are.

It’s Columbus, the other bike is Reynolds.

And I didn’t buy the Interpro from Dave.

I might have a crack too.

With all your time spent buying and building, when do you get a chance to ride?


Anyone here? I forgot about it and even my wife said $202 was a steal.

I got a reminder on my phone, but it was too late! That is cheap!

personally I’d say it’s top $$ for a frame that has no panto’s, and no real ID for what level of Columbus tube it is.
Kenevans became a brand/label that was bought and sold several times in the past, and those decals can be had on Ebay too.


Yeah, I didn’t want to be a stick in the mud, but I also have doubts that its even a legit Ken…

Yep, to me I’d say it ain’t

hey guys, love these frame ID’s we do and I have a slight personal interest so here’s some more conjecture: it had a ‘traveller’ sticker on the top tube so i assumed it was a lower model compared to say a ‘competition’ which i’ve seen on other frames; i tried popping a 27.2mm seat post in today and it didn’t fit so i’m assuming 26.8 don’t know what that means for type of tubing; had campy dropouts which i remember reading all ken frames have?; came with campy headset, bb, fd, rd, levers, shifters and ofmega cranks so thinking it wasn’t some pos stickered job; also lugs looked similar to other kens on the netz.

anyway im no expert on kens and the guy i got it from had no idea of its history other than he had it for five years and rides it to the shops.

i’ll post the serial numbers in the morning if anyone is super keen on further debate.

I did go and see the frame at BPMs. Surprisingly heavy if it is a legit Ken.
Definitely not SL or SLX tubing.
Seat post size, rear spacing & weight put me off.

did it actually sell?

But if it rides nice once built, who cares eh.