KHS Fixed

It took me a little while to get the feel for the bike given it’s a fixed gear but now loving it… I’ve had this bike for a month or more now and think I can say it’s a decent bike even though it’s my first fixed gear, the frame is definitely the best part, changed the wheelset , rearcog, chain, bars,added eggbeaters, brake and lever,

I don’t want to overcapitalize on it as I think it’s at the sweetspot now but wonder if it will make any noticeable difference upgrading the cranks

What do you reckon?

Scrap the drops & go risers with oury’s. Choose a colourful Oury Grip & splash out. :mrgreen:



yer dont understand the choped riser thing myself tried it …maybe i choped a bit tight but i found it a bit twitchy… got some sic drops and presto .

For all those out there considering posting a “give me advice on my first fixie” thread, see above. That is how you do it.

Nice bike.