Knicks vs. beanz n' frank


why dont they make them with a good spot to put your junk like on briefs or brief shorts? FML

They would look terrible with a pouch in the front.

I will use Matt Shirvington as an example.

Too much free room.

All buttoned up.

I know what I will be wearing.

Just put it all as high as it will go. And a little to the left.

Tuck it into the pouch in the back.

Just wrap it around your waist a few times.

Ge a detachable one

no way i’m riding with a fishermans basket!

I just got back from my Echuca ride that i was in my knicks for, my cock is numb and my gooch/ass feels like its been kicked relentlessly by Kostya Tzu.


Apply liberally to affected parts.

Does it feel like youre touching another man when you piss?

For those longer tours, why not have your junk tied in a knot by the professionals instead? reasonable rates.

your mates