Kona CX bike 1/2 price

Feel free to move if in wrong place - thought some people might be interested. I would be if I had the money!

'09 Kona Dew !CLOSEOUT!

STI’s with hydraulic discs at this price?! Get on it!

man, if only i needed another bike… get on it fellow short arses.

wish it were in a larger size

The general description says hydraulic but the detail list says BB7 which are cable. Hydraulic discs on a drop-bar aren’t here yet.

It’s not really a CX bike though. It’s a hybrid with drop-bars.

calling this a cx bike is an insult to cyclocross specific componentry everywhere

Indeed. Would still make a great commuter. Will be recommending to my neighbour.

does it have commute specific geometry?

Inasmuch as it has a frame, wheels and other bits, yeh, I guess it does.

This does

It’s a conspiracy!
This is what I’ve been saying all along- A CX is essentially a hybrid with drop-bars lol
Next Dirty Deeds I’m going to rock a Giant CRX with drop bars… you’ll see

Road bike: Hybrid with drops and narrow tyres
29er: Hybrid with wide tyres
MTB: Hybrid with smaller wheels
Unicycle: Half a hybrid
Recumbent: Hybrid with a really slack ST
Track bike: Hybrid that hasn’t had any maintenance and thus has no working brakes or derailleurs & siezed freehub
BMX: Kids hybrid.

The Dew series bikes are all pretty relaxed and upright.

No need to exaggerate…

i wouldnt race cx on this because the parts are not endorsed by rapha focus also because the bottom bracket height is not correct

Right, enough of this foolishness! Just pointing out that it’s going to have hybrid geometry rather than CX race geometry. If someone’s going to buy it thinking it’s a CX bike then they may well be disappointed! I’m just trying to help the kids man.

I like this option personally. It’s not steel, but who cares?


That thing is awesome, I need a cheap bike to chuck around and ride to the pub

Pretty sweet price.