Kumo Cycles: Fixed.org opening special

Hey all,

Kumo Cycles is now up and running and taking orders!

To celebrate this momentous day I am offering fixed.org members only an opening special.

I am offering the first 5 people from Fixed.org who place a deposit the following discounted frame price:

Fixed gear frame $1000
Road frame $1200
CX Frame $1300

Please note this is the base frame price only extras including upgraded tubing, extra brazeons, fancy paint etc will be extra, please check my website for details Kumo Cycles: Custom Bike Frames - Home. Also swing by the website for info on how to order a frame.

Feel free to contact me at kumocycles@gmail.com, or by PM.

Two of the five places have now been taken, get on it guys!

Congrats Kumo/Bfree on bootstrapping your new biz - I’m not up for a custom frame, but I totally love those head badges - Your logo is awesome and they came out beautifully in steel. You should sell them! And stickers. And tshirts…

yep, i like the logo too, reckon i could see myself wearing a t-shirt with the logo on it…

I must say that well done on establishing your business. The website is ultra-sharp and clean, and suits your brand image/workmaship. The logo is fantastic and looks amazing in steel. Good luck with the business and hope one day to be a customer. I’m sure you will have no shortage or work lined up!

I hope you brought back a whole bunch of Japanese beer to celebrate the occasion?

Congrats Keith! I’m looking forward to putting a leg over a kumo CX!

PS. I am thirsty.

I may be indulging in some Japanese beer tonight :smiley:

I tried to bring you back Yebisu, but I also didn’t try that hard so I don’t have none for you, sorry D:

Thanks for the kind words dudes and dudettes, expect to see some caps, T-shirts, stickers, Mr Dylan x Kumo cycles colabo sex toys etc etc in the near future

How about a polished headtube badge drilled for a couple of links of chain and then a keyring on the other end?

I was thinking about this one, only problem is the lightning bolts are super sharp and pointy.

Order placed, money paid!
Get ready fuckers.
I said to Keith ‘you gotta watch lots of porn before you paint it, sexy, amateur porn’.

what the fuck is he painting it with?!?!?!

It’s not the paint that I’d be worried about… The lacquer on the other hand

I wonder if we can work a cold, hard, fillet brazed g-spot stimulator into the headtube?

congratulations BrakeFree in making your own business and i hope it goes all well, loving the builds that you have already built and i hope there is heaps more to come! also loving the new advertisement on the forum.
all the best.

Now on the book of faces, like for updates and promotions

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I want Beer Robot on a t-shirt.

Ah fuck it, I want Beer Robot as a tattoo.

If you do this I will build you a frame…

That could be a pretty good deal

P!N20, my gf just got bumped up to $100 an hour, If you want it you gotta get that shit before she gets full price!