Kumo Cycles T-Shirts: who wants one?

Visited the screen printers today, T-shirts are go!

They will be ready in a week or two, and numbers will be limited so I need to know who wants one and in what size,
So, post how many you want in what sizes, no deposit or anything required but you will get first dibs when they are finished

Price will be $30 + $5 postage

Dudes with Dibs:

Rolly: 1 x Med
Nickj: 1 x Med (I already got an Foa one thanks :slight_smile:
Rooster: 1 x Med
Slinky: 1 x Lg
Wjwat: 1 x Med
Kiasu: 1 x Med
Nexus: 1 x Med
Larfinboy: 1 x Lg
Dfunkt: 1 x Med
Daniel: 1 x Med
Mr Dylzan: 1 x Med
Rangdog: 1 x Med
Jelmer: 1 x Med
Ezy: 1 x Med
El Bradzo: 1 x S
Dubrat: 1 x Lg
Rcoh: 1 x Lg
Caztheturtle: 1 x S
Sugarkayne: 1 x med
Johnnycrash: 1 x Lg

i’m in.

1 in medium.

black yeah?

keith, should so offer this for free with every frame purchase

i still want a cloud keyring.

I’ll have a medium / or trade you an FoA one if you didn’t get in on them already :wink:

Can I have a free large one with my frame, and buy a medium one (I’m yet to decide which size I like better. I’m shirt indecisive lately)?

This way I can ride my Kumo bike around town with my Kumo shirt. Dyldo better get one of these - or he’s not allowed in the Melbourne club.

I need to calm down about this frame business…

I take a large.

1 medium please!

Na uh, its exciting stuff!

I don’t think I can do a free shirt, I can give you one half price though?

And yes Rolly, they will be printed on black tees, nice quality ones too

Half price is more than adequate. I might just get a medium then. See how that goes.

No Problem :smiley:

1x medium

Yeah, put me down for a large. Do I need another black tee? Sure I do.

1 x medium here too please.

1x medium for me too please.
Maybe us Melb guys can organize a mass post?

I will buy one, medium thanks :slight_smile:
I can pay via BT again yes?

Keen. Count me in. Medium pls.

Yeah, I’d be happy to run some shirts around for people in Melbourne to save you posting them all over the joint Keith.

Sounds good to me!

You guys can have free postage I’d I can get a photo of ALL of you wearing the shirts :stuck_out_tongue:

sounds like a “New T-Shirt Party” day is to be organised…

OMG matching t-shirt photo park beers session!