Kumo RAD 2

As you’ve probably seen on the 'gram, I recently picked up a new Kumo RADdonneur.
After ‘testing’ the previous one for over 2 years and 20,000km and pushing it to its limits, I jumped at the opportunity to get an improved version based on my feedback.
The main improvements are:
[li]clearance for 27.5x2.4" (I stupidly asked for the old one to be built around 44mm and was limited to 2" slicks). I’m currently running Maxxis Ikons 2.2 and 2.35.[/li][li]sub-compact crankset (White Industries 28-44)[/li][li]new Ultegra r8000 derailleurs and 11-34 cassette[/li][li]fork mount bolts, here used with the new Ojeva Negra Bootleggers[/li][li]less aggressive bar drop for long days in the saddle[/li][li]thru-axle rear (the rest will have TA front as well but I’ve got two Son SL hubs to accommodate)[/li][li]160mm rotors.[/li][/ul]

I’ve done a few rides and each time I notice how much of an improvement these relatively small changes have made. Mostly, I can climb +20% sections of loose rock and not have much tyre slippage. As I told Keith, it rides like a stallion on cocaine and has the traction of a tank. You can check out his Instagram for details on how to get one early next year.

Fantastic. I did wonder about the QR fork but already having the dynamo hubs to suit makes that a no-brainer.

I predict some grumpy sods having a good whinge when they miss out on getting one of these cos they’re too slow on the old clicky clicky.

Keith spelt Liam wrong.

Did I miss the colour selection thread?

Tough bike. Would ride.

Tee hee.

I rode with Adam (the real Adam) on the way to work the other day. I did peep this bike and I was a little jealous. Some fun times ahead on this rig!

If you’re feeling hard up for some Liam dithering, I recommend the “what to do in January” thread.

So good Adz, still looks like an aggressive bar drop to this old man.

Time to start saving some pennies

It does, but it feels a lot better. It’s partially because there’s more exposed seatpost with the sloping toptube, and also my weird body dimensions.

Recommended reading with a shiraz.

But which one?

Feck that’s a nice bike! Nice work Adam and Keith!!

At your service.

160 rotors both ends?

I’m largely out of the deep beardo loop on this aspect, but is there reasoning behind the same size at both ends? if i had my way my (race) cx bike would be 140 both ends. Never had an issue with braking or heat on longer rides with my 160/140, and ive known a few ppl who downsized with no issues.

I do recognise that adding frame bag and supplies weights might necessitate staying with 160 at the front, but wondered if a 140 rear was even in consideration.

also acknowledge weight difference is not really a consideration for this bike. im just more curious about it all… and i like the idea of less rotor to accidentally bend :expressionless:

does look like a pretty good bike for your use(s)!

Rad! (appropriate name is appropriate)

Nik, I was previously running 140mm on both ends and it was mostly good. But with my weight (+95kg), all the gear and the super steep stuff I occasionally ride, I figured 160mm would be best.
Most of the time traction will be the issue preventing stopping but there’s occasionally paved roads like the one into Dargo that got me to 92km/h with brakes on and sitting up to catch the air. In situations like that the more rotor the better!

There is also the problem sometimes where the packaging of wheel/rotor/fork blades is tight. A 180mm rotor might foul the fork blade, a 140mm might result in the caliper fouling the spokes (dyno wheels especially, doubly so with OG Spyres).

Even 160mm can have spoke/rotor/caliper/blade issues and need fine tuning with rotor shims (hot tip, mcmaster carr carry nice spring steel shims that can be used on centerlock, otherwise syntace make 6 bolt ones)

Yeh, I don’t think 180s would fit and the caliper had about a hair’s width from the spokes with the 140mm.

If you do need to tweak rotor placement, these come in 0.1/0.3mm etc… McMaster-Carr

Very cool, I know everyone is different body wise but that’s a huge saddle to bar drop, way bigger than I could ride on the road let alone off.

But Adams like a foot taller than you?

Yeah that’s what I mean I have no idea on his body type/height it just looks huge.