Kurth Kiln Krush Melbourne Gravel Grinders 11

Melbourne Gravel Grinders: #11 Kurth Kiln Krush - Sun 27 Apr

Will be good.

I’ve ridden quite alot of this area, some amazing roads. and awesome forest.

Not sure if I’ll make it unfortunately.


I’m in NZ bro. Might do a grind up to Arser’s Path (Arthur’s Pass). Got any route tips MikeD? We’ll be based in CC, but old mate has a bach at Arthur’s we’ll head up to.

Stoked, looks like fun! Even better if there is a touch of rain out that way the days leading up to the weekend (but not too much)

recommended tyre choices, 33-35c CX?

edit: just realised I’ll be away, bugger, but I think the question might be helpful to others.

I did in on 35’s and had to walk a few spots but only like 20m.

I just finished piecing together a Winter bike. This would be a good test. Would 35c Nomads be adequate?

yeah, you’ll make it.

some care and some walking and you’ll be ok.

there is only 1km or so of single track and most of that you could ride.

Wish I was back in Melbourne to ride this one. Some great roads around that way. Pretty rough in parts I would imagine.

Have a great ride guys and gals!

There is only one road to Arthurs pass really, and its steep, especially if coming from the coast (what we call the west coast).

Good pies in Sheffield. Kea’s at the store in Arthurs Pass itself.

Hot tip: CC, is pronounce CHCH in NZ. Get a Souvalaki in the re-start mall in town, best Souva I’ve had.

ah what else, go to Smash Palace for a drink, mates opened it in a demo site. Has a bus to sit in, cool.

p.s. it’ll be cold.

Remember those Souvalakis from my Uni days at Canterbury - endorsed.

Best. Souvalakis. Ever.

yeah, they are the best.

And strangely never had one like them outside of CHCH.

My mate had a theory that they aren’t authentic or anything but rather it was how the first popular greek takeaway did them in Chch and so the other shops just copied them.

I try to eat at least 2 every time I go back.

Down for this. Haven’t appeared in thread just because souva talk has started!

Yeah, back to the ride, here are some recon pics:

Way to pash in front of a camera, exhibitionist ducks.

They’re geese eh? Ducks are a bit more reserved…

just spent a few days out there, some of the tree litter and clay around the forrest is damn slippery. And some of those potholes are DEEP!

Doubt I’ll be on this :frowning:

This Sunday folks.

Weather looks perfect.

See you there.

I’ll be on the rawland, front rack’d 29er thingo on the 7.34 train from flinders, say hey if I don’t know you.

I used to go to an awesome place in central chch that did a lamb and banana souvlaki. Sounds odd but was great. Bummed the place disappeared after the quakes.