Lance Charged

No surprise here:

Lance Armstrong Accused By US ANti-Doping Agency

But pretty big.

sorry, who?

I don’t understand… Is he being charged or not?

So he can’t compete in Triathlons organised by a certain organisation and his TdF titles may be taken from him?

It just sounds like this whole thing is going around in circles. I understand that technology is always improving for detecting traces of doping/drug use. How long are they going to keep testing for?

He just won a half ironman on the weekend,
Drugs are killing sport.
I’m doing a straight edge kit

I’m starting to think USADA should just let it go. It is looking like something of a witch hunt now

So two dopers pointed the finger at him and the ‘suspicous’ sample no longer exists?! It’s a total witch hunt. More time has been spent chasing him than Bin Laden!

*Sorry for using the BL name CIA net stalkers!

Lance? Is that you?

Nah, they wouldn’t be bringing charges at this late stage unless they had something pretty fucken juicy. The Federal investigation got shelved thru dubious political influence, so USADA picked up the evidence and ran with it. There’s something in it this time, that’s for sure.

TBH though, IDGAF. I don’t really care how it pans out, but it’s holding my attention like a car crash.


So, if they eventually strip him of his TdF titles, who are they going to give them to? Are there any clean riders left from those Tours?

Really, just let it go.

Jan Ullrich will take 3 wins (2000,2001 and 2003), even though he is DQ’d for 2005 onwards.

Surely Lances samples up to 2005 will have been destroyed by now

I doubt this is going to be a win for the anti-doping agency. The testimony from ‘witnesses’ could easily be demolished in cross examination, even if some so-called clean riders have made statements.
“Multiple riders will testify that Armstrong gave them, encouraged them or assisted them in using banned substances” Who? Landis, Hamilton?

, Hincapie?

I’m confused, can someone explain what we did, are we talking doping through his golden era, or only a couple of years ago?

It seems like everyone is of the opinion that all cyclists are drug cheats these days. They should embrace it and just lift all the bans on illegal substances and see what happens. I reckon some of the races could get pretty interesting. Maybe they could legalise weapons as well! I can see it now, a bunch of guys, off their faces, riding at crazy drug induced speeds whilst some dude jumps on the back of the pack swinging a morning star and cleaning dudes up. It would be AWESOME.

Did I mention that The salute of the jugger is one of my favourite movies?

Do you think USADA will dump the evidence at sea like they did with Bin Laden?

Sounds like a great big red herring to me. Surely there would need to be a cut-off date for investigations into this kind of thing, as the samples will only be kept and indeed will only be useable for so long.

Wether he doped or didn’t dope I don’t care. Armstrong will forever be one of the greats and I hope he squashes these rubbish charges.

Crazy flow chart of Lance Armstrong’s connections

@Cyclismas: Full-size downloadable PDF of the Lance Armstrong Champions’ Club flow chart of power brokers by @dimspace :

Correct. Apparently there is a 7 year limitation on USADA’s powers. Furthermore, even if they could take the titles from him, who would they give them to? See below, everyone grayed out has been sanctioned for doping…

He might be remembered like that in your house, but definitely not mine. Armstrong brought the US into the road cycling scene, sure. And that has brought lots of money from sponsors in English speaking countries… thats is the only good thing that I think he’s done in cycling.

For me, he made the tour god-awful boring, not only because everyone knew he’d win, but the way he won. Having a whole team hept up on drugs controlling the whole race for weeks on end is bloody hopeless to watch. The final straw for me came when Heras came along for Kelme and won the Vuelta, and I was thinking “Hooray! this guy is such a good climber, he might beat Armstrong at the Tour next year” Then Lance buys him and uses him up like the rest of his team. It was BS. I’ve only just started to get back into the Tour now. Cadel’s win last year had more guts, risk taking, tactical challenges, physical maxxing out and “human” element than all of Lance’s wins combined (for me). Honestly, Lance’s most memorable moment seems to be his “look back” at Ullrich while climbing… compare that image to some of the great shots of tour winners and tell me he did anything that fans should be excited about.

Well Bjarne Riis admitted he doped in 1996 tour, but because it was 10yrs+ that he admitted it, was not stripped.
Bjarne Riis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Also 6 time Green Jersey winner Erik Zabel… He is still listed as a winner,
Erik Zabel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Whilst they are at it, strip Eddy Merckx aswell. He tested positive 3 times.
Eddy Merckx - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Oh no, sorry they are all European & not a Yank, thats probably why.

List of Tour de France winners - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia