land rover appreciation thread

alright alright - I think theres enough of us here to warrant a thread.

picked up a 93 ex uk royal mail defender 90 the other day.

What’s an ex UK Defender doing over here?

was imported by owner in 2004! now moved it onto me.


Also like.

Check out this build:

1956 Series 1. (same age as me)
Spent her working life on a Merino stud in NSW - I’ve even found wool stuffed in nooks and crannies. Goodness knows how she wound up in a wreckers here in Adelaide but that’s where I found her.

She’s currently a bare chassis and running gear… about to become just a chassis… right before I become very fed up with removing old paint. I’m not planning a rivet counter standard restoration and I’ll certainly be keeping quite a few of the warts and scars. The idea is to get a safe, reliable old Landy for dirt roads, car shows, the Bay to Birdwood and good stuff like that.

I’m a huge Defender fan, on the hunt again for a 110.

Got the front end protection bolted on this weekend: Custom front bar, steering guard and light guards.

Also awning courtesy of LoveB, also got a roof top tent from him which I am airing out and fixing up ready for some trips

Just some photos from a few weeks ago - both on the same day.

My Dad helping lift the gearbox out.

And my son watching the engine come free.

I don’t care what the vehicle is, getting to do stuff like this with your son AND your dad is just magic.

Currently, I’m trying to pull out the steering relay, one of the few things left on the chassis before I remove the suspension, turn her over and start stripping and painting. Will I have her ready for the next Bay to Birdwood? Hah. She’ll make it one day, but not for many years. Why oh why didn’t I stick with restoring old pushbikes (because I’d wind up with too many of them)

Okay, quick test. What model is it? It’s obviously a Series 1, and it’s one of the short wheel bases… but WHICH ONE.

I like the way he jumped out for a smoke but I approve of the brunette more.


Easy on the eye and smart enough to realise she didn’t have to get out and push, it being a Landy and all.

Imagine you’re a girl who’s into bikes, and you come across this forum. Everywhere you’ve gone on the internet you’ve experienced far worse casual sexism than this and maybe learnt to adapt by being gender neutral in your username etc and generally not engaging at all, but still, even here, you are subtly told that your value is based mainly on your appearance - it will definitely be judged - and your expected reluctance to get your hands dirty.

Please don’t stop making comments like this again because they’re not excepted here. Just stop doing it all the time and start looking for value in a person’s actions and opinions rather than whether they’re attractive or not.

If I’ve committed a faux pas, there are better ways of handling it. This doesn’t help your cause at all and certainly doesn’t address your concerns because you’re doing exactly what you’ve accused me of doing. Remember, we aren’t all the same, we do all come from different backgrounds and gender has very little to do with it. Now I’ll carve away your angst and take what I think is the core from your post, but you need to understand that the largest effect of such a post is to reinforce stereotypes, not break them down.

Ok. Fuck off with your casual sexism. It’s not welcome here. Don’t refer to women as “easy on the eye” as if that is the place where their value lies.

I tried to contextualise why what you said - although subtle and apparently non-consequential - is sexist. You are the one reinforcing stereotypes.

Yup, and this is a hipster forum. Been obvious for a while I admit. I suspect you have no idea what sexism really is, but that’s your personal issue.

europa are you saying that because of your background and where you’re from that your allowed to make statements that people find offensive?

The 20-something, inner-city Melbourne, bearded, vegan fixie riders didn’t give it away?

Sooo… How good are those landrovers…

Edit. My one by the way. Ignore the scars on the right side. Stories happened.