Last Man Standing Free Fixie Contest Giveaway...Starting Now!

Last-Man-Standing Rules:

This contest/giveaway is open to all forum members with at least 10 posts.

This is an elimination-style “Last-Man-Standing” contest with the first contestants to reply, or give the correct required information before the cutoff, proceeding to the next round.

If you’ve been eliminated, or are too late to join, please feel free to continue to participate. However only remaining contestants will be eligible to win.

The Prize is for (1) CELL Mallet 360 in the winner’s size. The prize is valued at $599 and is not transferable and cannot be substituted.

Also, as promised, anyone who participated in the previous ‘Mallet 360’ topic, if you are in the contest, and there is a ‘tie-breaker’ with someone who did not participate, you will be the winner.

The Best of Luck.

This is what’s up for grabs!

To see other colours click the link:
Mallet 360 Fixed Gear Bar Spin Bike

There will be a total of SIX elimination rounds involving a question or (easy) task per round.

Round 1 Question is:

  1. Tell us why you’d like to win a CELL Mallet-360. Also, let us know a little about yourself and why you like riding fixies. (Ten BEST POSTS move on to round-2)

Do you want this answered by PM or post rpely?

I’d like something that I can smash about off gutters without batting an eyelid, also follows the bike +1 rule, where you always want one more bike. Grown up and continue to live in Brunswick. Riding fixies has booost(y)ed my unrespectable cred by at least to the power of 3

I started riding again in 1990 after giving it away when I discovered girls, booze and cars. I started in mountain biking, as it seemed to me to be a grown up version of BMX. The years went by, bikes came and went, getting more expensive over time.
1996 saw me go to the MTB World champs in Cairns as a paid participant racing Downhill in the Veterans class. It was a truely AWESOME experience.
1998 saw the birth of my son. I stopped riding for 4 years as I watched him grow up.
2002 saw me back on my bike, but MTB wasn’t as appealing as it used to be.
2006 I started riding SS MTB. It was like reinventing cycling for me, particually once I purchased my first steel ridgid SS 29er.
After SS mtb, I built up a SS road bike (C’dale 2.8 with singulator). The natural progression for me after SS was fixed. First an SE Lager which left me largely unsatisfied, then an Avanti pista track frame. I loved the tight geo, the narrow bars and fixed gear. Most of all, I loved building the bike myself.
I find myself reading the Trick section of FIXED and it appeals to me as yet another version of grown up BMX. An Orange Mallet-360 would be a wonderful addition to the stable and give me another chance to relive my childhood. After all cycling is for big kids who haven’t grown up, yet.

I started riding a fixed gear bike because I wanted something else to ride to work on that wasn’t my mountain bike. I built up a singlespeed out of an old steel road bike so as to help me build up some strength in my legs as the ride to work has a few hills. The wheels were a fixed/free hub so eventually I gave fixed a go, from there I have never been back to a freewheel.

I would like to win a Cell Mallet for my wife. I am in the middle of building her a new bike and it would be awesome to not have to worry about finding parts.

So members of the opposite sex will be attracted to me.

I’d like the orange one, so I can give it to my grandfather. He had his whole bike shop cleaned out when the nazi’s were retreating back to Germany at the end of the war. I’d put a Dutch flag sticker on it and make him happy. But honestly I have enough bikes and someone else deserves this more than I do.

Great! We’ve got the first two contestants!

If no one else responds, this is going to be a very short contest! But at least you guys will have a 50/50 chance to win, hahaha. there’s room for eight more people! remember, it’s not just 8 more people, but 8 of the best chosen from any remaining posters! Gordy, Booosty, you guys are in…btw greenmachine, please submit a post. It’d be cool if everyone can see and give their 2cents.

-cellbikes mark

I would like to do bar spinz while riding NOBR AKES. I have drop bars and tight geo. Please help.

i sent a pm…woops

cheers mates! thx for all the interest…we’ll have a look at all your posts and give a final list of who’s in for Round 2 tomorrow.

So I am not going to be near a computer tomorrow… does that count me out?

I was a shit skateboarder and have been keen to try my hand at fix trix and make amends, the only thing holding me back is my fixie aint too good for bar spinz and wheelies with cleats and drops. It’d be cool to have a bike i could go hard on and not care if i fucked it because lets be honest it’d be free!

+1. i’ll be at the cafe, no internet for me.

oh well, someone else probably needs it more than i do

good luck folks

I just bought a house… Last Friday.

Hence, a ‘no new bikes’ rule has unfortunately been implemented.

A free bike would sidestep this draconian policy. I could ride it 36kms to work, thus saving train fare and providing ample exercise.

Edit: Forgot the ‘why I like riding fixies’ part.

Because I forget to adjust/take care of shit.

I don’t want the 360 because I can’t bar spin, I can’t skid, I can’t ride brakeless and I think fixed gear is not for me.

there is also a no new bikes rule imposed at my house with the similar loophole of being able to accept free bikes, but so far this has only yielded a repco mountain bike with no running gear and an appollo road bike with 2 buckled wheels, help me out with something nice