Leader 735tr

I had been wanting a 735tr for ages so when Leader reissued them I thought I would snatch one up. All the parts came off my Mash except for seatpost, saddle and the front wheel. Got a few adjustments to do with bar angle and some other stuff but so far it all feels pretty damn comfortable, can’t wait to take it on a decent ride.

Hey! you finally got it, congrats. Looks really tough. Can’t beleive you’re going to run that hed on the street.
Where’d you pick it up?

Parts list, and some tape/grips (i reckon tape on this) please.

i skeeted a little. looks tough…

Hed 3 was from wiggle, used a 20% off voucher thing so it wasn’t that much. In the process of sorting a phils to deep v combo so I won’t always be using it all the time.
Parts list.

Leader 735tr 51cm (size smaller than I would usually ride but the tt is super long so I didn’t want to go a 53)
Leader i806tr full carbon track fork
Deda newton pista stem 110cm
Deda pista drops
Cane creek headset of some kind
Easton ec90 carbon post
Selle italia slr carbonio (with oversized carbon rails)
FSA 52t chain ring (Really want a sugino zen again though)
Omnium cranks
Look keo 2 max carbon pedals
Hed 3 with some ritchey race slick up front and a shitty formula to deep v in the back.

I like the idea of taping the bars but I am so horrible at it, might try hunt down something today though.

bar taping as with most things we start off bad at just requires patience and persistence…and make sure you cut the end at the correct angle where you electric tape it down to the bar…i was mad confuzzled lulz when doing mine the first time

and dope bike mang


Well I’ll see if I can find anything I like the look of, I pretty much never leave the house without my gloves (gel palm with grip) so bar tape doesn’t seem 100% needed, as far as aesthetics go it’d probably look a lot better all taped up.

emi would be proud

I like it a lot. Why did you change from the Cinelli to this?

Very similar although you won’t see me using sugino 75s anytime soon.

Was over the mash and wanted a change. Couldn’t justify having both in the house, also someone offered to buy it for only a tiny bit less than I paid for it. I get that it is a downgrade in most peoples eyes but it feels more comfortable to ride and I had been wanting a 735 for a few years now.

^ any particular reason?

This is awesome!!! I think I want a 735 now ha!!

Don’t know if you mean the reason for no 75s or for liking the 735 so I’'ll answer both!

75s aren’t as great as everyone makes them out to be. I have had them and I now use omniums and I can’t tell the difference between them. Omniums are cheaper new and apparently weigh less (not that I am some weight weenie). I’d use them on a nice steel build though!
Don’t know why I have such an attraction to the 735, there isn’t anything special about them really. I like the fat downtube and the cut out in the seat tube, although plenty of alu track frames have that. I have wanted to try out an alu leader frame for a while since they cop a heap of hate and I was wondering what that is all about.

You’ve done well. Real well. Keen to see it in person.

It will possibly be on next weeks WNR.

Woop! You’re probably gonna absolutely toast me now haha

Back clipless brakeless on the streets?

Fuck man I doubt it, always only just holding on when I try keep up with you! Yes back to clipless/brakeless on the streets, hopefully no more unexpected unclipping moments.

Not bad for 160 likes on facebook and a post by the official leader page. haha. looks spectacuralicious.

Leader posted it? Cool. 160 likes = Hipsters go mad for crabon!