Lemond Revoltuion freehub swapo

So I do 90% of my riding on one of these bad boys and I’ve finally decided to try change the freehub from 10s to 11s (using 11s on the 10s cassette works okay but not ideal). Now from what I can find on forums Lemond use an Easton R4 freehub, emails to Lemond go unanswered so I’m hoping someone else can help confirm or figure out a way to confirm before I purchase the new freehub?

Alternatively if anyone has had success using an 11s cassette without the 11t cog, some spacers and a 12t lockring let me know. I’ve been thinking about trying it for a while but can’t be bothered trying if it’s not going to work.

Photo below for reference to which version on the Revolution trainer I’m talking about.

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11sp cassette - 11t + spacer + 12t lockring works great.

Thanks Asher! Just what I needed to hear.