LeTour;all the chat!

NOW who’s going to win?

Right now … I’m finding it very hard to care with the big names out.

I was feeling like that, then I thought ‘There’s still going to be a Peloton bustin’ their guts trying to win a three week bike race… just with less cheats’. It hasn’t changed my pick for GC; Alejandro Valverde. Caden Evens could also place even higher this year too. Three weeks is a long time to race, anything can happen, and does.

I’m with Jaywoo - now there’s a race on. That said, let’s see who actually starts today…it’s all sounding a bit like the “will he play / won’t he play” gamesmanship of the world cup…

go Cadell!

hope he didn’t have a Spanish doctor heh.

Yes Jaywoo, you’re right.

This year’s race might be a very tight one.

It could well be very exciting … I guess I’m just bummed out with all this doping rubbish.

For sure. Who was that guy who said ‘its your blood, you can do what you want with it’? I wonder how switched on the spanish police are though… was it all a setup?

I just hope the aussies REPRAZENT!

looking forward to seeing Cadel’s TT. Within the next 10 minutes I think. What’s tragic is that the very likeable Vinokourov, while not being implicated in any investigation, was pulled because his team no longer had the minimum 6 riders after the rest were pulled! Wouldn’t you be devastated…

edit: Cadel 10th in the TT so far
edit: Michael Rogers 4th. I’ve met Michael Rogers. he was drunk :slight_smile:
edit: Hincapie and Zabriskie both beating the two aussies at the last minute :slight_smile:

MR starting 7th, Cadel 12th, O’grady starting 6th. Not too Shabby

  • Joel

… and Landis rides an Obree tuck :wink:

p.s. : go Cadel!

because im lazy, and also because all the le tour info is in german, how come ullrich is out?

Cause he’s a dope, apparently.

Also, cyclingnews.com.au has good english info.

AFAIK, all the riders who are out were withdrawn by their teams because they’ve been named in a Spanish doping investigation.

Looks like the teams have decided not to risk starting riders who may turn out to be disqualified anyway.

Go Zabel!!!

Floyd? More like Lllllloyd. He would have been a fair few places higher if he hadn’t rocked up to the start 5-10 seconds after his clock started ticking!

Vote 1 Cadel for podium finish.

He certainly does! Also, check out that chainring/crank combo… sheesh!

Damn spectators and their big green hands! Poor Thor.

Also, this is what I want to watch the tour with:

yeah I hope he’s OK. Horribly ironic (or is it poetic justice? I can never remember…), but the green hands are a promo for the Credit Agricole bank - Thor’s major team sponsor!

  • Joel

From the AGE today

A man named Erik, a German from nearby Karlsruhe, was philosophical about what is happening to his second-favourite sporting event (soccer comes first). “I was coming to support Ullrich,” he said. “He’s gone. Innocent or guilty? I don’t really care. So I’ll drink some beer and go home tonight and watch the World Cup. That’s the sport. This is a party.” - LOS ANGELES TIMES

Poo! :shock: Alejandro Valverde crashed out last night; fractured clavicle. Looks like I’ll have to jump on the Cadel bandwagon :roll:


Yeah, a good pick too. Considering he’s the current World road TTer title holder & there is three individual TT’s this yr.