Living in Boston

Anyone done it?
Got some tips on where to live and shit.
bike/awesome people related things.

i’ll know noone but the two bosses where i’ll be working.

i’ll be working here if i go…

1920 washington st #2 boston - Google Maps

and probably leaving within the month.

also can you take 2 bikes on a plane?

If you an take snakes on a plane then bikes are probably fine.
Also, it was nice to have met you once while you lived in Melbourne. <3

i spent some time in boston a while back. hell of a town.

spent a week there a few years ago…

harvard is cool, MIT was super rad. i walked a lot and had fun.

theres some rad bike shops and it gets reallly cold/icy in winter

I just flew with two bikes on United - cost me $400 for both and they made it over in fine shape though I packed them very carefully.

I was there three weeks ago, the trains were fantastic but I didn’t see any bicycles on them, even during offpeak. That said, it’s all so flat…

We hired a car and drove on the Thursday and Friday, Boston drivers are unpredictable as shit but generally polite when necessary. No one indicated but they were more than happy to stop for pedestrians. I didn’t see a hell of a lot of cyclists, although we didn’t venture too far from the middle of the city (we were at Park Plaza, didn’t go further south than the MFA or east of Tremont St). Going north, Cambridge looked fairly cool but you’d need to change lines to get to your work… there were definitely more cyclists around the Harvard Square area.

have a look at their MTA site, > Official Website for Greater Boston’s Public Transportation System .

cheers all.

brendan care to expand?
and thanks ed…i’d defo be riding around i reckon. tohugh the cold winter might push me off the bike.

nic my (new) boss is the head of school at mit…hoping to spend some time there maybe tutoring or something…though i’d settle for harvard (the office designed the graduate school of design).

and cheers dyl, good point on the snakes.

newbury comics / boston common / good people / bruins / always decent bands coming through town / st patrick’s day…

i can’t wait to watch a hockey game over there.

Home of NKOTB.

Just saying.

the friend who i was staying with grew up next door to joey macintyre.

try the pancakes!