Living with bikes in an apartment?

How is it? My partner and I have been looking at apartments, and ones with storage cages are more expensive and less common, and I don’t really trust shared bike racks in car parks for anything valuable. I was wondering how everyone else deals with it. I can cull the fleet down to 3-4 bikes fairly easily, and would probably keep one inside, one on a balcony and 2 daily rides somewhere in the carpark.

We have 4 bikes in the second bedroom and 3 in storage cases. No problems whatsoever.

You’d never catch me leaving a bike in the carpark or storage cage in an apartment block. Too many sob stories of them disappearing.

2nd bedroom for storage is where its at. :wink:

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We have three of these poles now - fits nicely behind in the gap most people have between a living room wall and the couch.

Our shitty apartment has direct-stick plasterboard ot slab, which means you can really cranks these tight into the ceiling, but I’ve used them on suspended ceilings in the bast and have never had one fall down.

Edit: I also think we peaked at 21 bikes in our apartment when users: bob and flammable thinker were in there. Depends on the apartment layout, but there are some very efficient ways of storing them.

Don’t do it. They always leave grease lying around, ring their bells too loud and the only thing they can cook is bearings.


Those poles are good. I have two on a pole behind the second bedroom door, keeps them fairly out of the way. Dont think I’d be allowed a second pole, so I’m limited to keeping the commuter padlocked to a ramset eye-bolt behind the car in the garage. We’re in a small block of units (only 14) with a long-ish parking space each. It’s “secure” from outside by one locked gate (timber and steel, if you wanted to go through it wouldn’t be hard) and a large roller shutter at the driveway entrance.

Of course this doesn’t count the numerous project frames and parts boxes that I now keep at work under my desk…

This is poor, even by your low standards.


The two regularly used commuter bikes live near the door - we have a little entrance hall.

Six other bikes live in the bedroom, on hook hangers (very space efficient, stacked overlapping):

My apartment does look like this a bit too often though:

A shower curtain comes in handy for the floor.

In the second photo it’s folded in half. Opened up it gives a good amount of coverage for cleaning.

I put one of those vertical hooks on the end of a wardrobe at our place, can’t screw into the wall but this way still get a solid mount.

Steph and I had 9 bikes in a one bedroom apartment.
Three of those poles around the place, one bike (Steph’s Mixte) in a bike hand and a pair of Bromptons.
You’ll be very pleasantly surprised with how much space going vertical with those poles gets you.
We bought our last two on eBay for like $60 or something.
For my $0.05, I would advise against storing anything outside the apartment that you would be upset to lose.

If you do find one with its own ‘storage room’, make sure theres no other way to actually access said storage room.

A mate of mine moved into his newly built apartment with its own ‘storage room’ (in the main car park behind automatic security gates) which was essentially 4 brick walls and then a bit of fencing as the ceiling. Needles to say they were able to enter and take his bike.

But yeah, vertical hanging is the way to go. if you dont want to drill the walls, something like a squat/power rack, and then add the hooks would be very helpful id say.

Assuming you have the space!

Who makes those and I don’t need to drill holes right?

The photo’s are great, there’s some good ideas here. :smiley:
Anyone had bike related issues with body corporate?

I don’t think they’d be allowed to. What kind of issues are you thinking about? Bikes are valuables like anything else and even as someone who rents (me) you are allowed to store them anywhere you want. As long as they don’t leave marks etc of course. Never had any issues and if I should run into any they will get to know my inner Harvey (for those who watch Suits).

Nobody watches Suits

My sister had one of those floor to ceiling stands in her balcony in North Melbourne and was asked to remove it. Body corporate had a no bikes on balconies policy…

In a practical sense, I get it, they blow off the balcony (because, you know, cyclones and stuff) and they’re not secured or they fall down into other people or whatever. However, inside you should be fine. Unless they’re explicitly forbidden in your lease - (and I’m no Mike Ross) I would suggest you’d be alright. Read your lease and be sure

We got most of them from Cell bikes - no drilling required but you really need to lock everything down and make sure it’s tight.