looking for some recommended headphones

wondering what you guys use to ride with

I recently bought some ‘comfort fit’ earplug-type headphones; much to my dismay, not only are they not comfortable, but they also fall out when I ride (let alone when I run)
No options to return, as once they have been in my ear, they have been biologically damaged or something - and unreturnable.

Looking for some opinions on what to buy instead. I dont want anything bulky, something that will fit under a helmet that I can run with

I just get cheapie earbuds with foam covers, mostly because they tend to get damaged anyway so I don’t want to get pricey ones, and because the ambient noise is so bad that high-end sound quality is a waste. And I find the foam covers help to keep them in while I’m riding.

~$10 at Big W :slight_smile:

one might suggest you should keep all your senses as active as possible when riding a bicycle…

Little Senheiser bud which are about $60. Not good for riding in because they block out heaps of noise but they’re pretty good for the money.

Do you turn the music off when you’re driving a car?

Do you think deaf people shouldn’t ride bikes?

good cheap earbuds - yuin pk3 http://headphones.com.au/psingle?productID=324

or the more expensive but better sounding brother pk2 http://www.headphones.com.au/psingle?productID=323

Personally, I would never wear headphones while riding.

what i use
they don’t fall out and have great sound

can of worms >>>

why ride a bike whilst wearing headphones?

I don’t bug dudes who don’t rock helmets, or ride brakeless in the city … their call … some cats swing like that (sometimes including me), but headphones whilst riding a bike is in my opinion really dumb.

Be really cool and blare a an old school ghetto blaster attached to the bike like the Peurto Rican cruisers on the Lower East Side in Manhattan. I’m gonna do that sheet here in Darlinghurst and blast Rick Astley at volume 11 one day … Just to impress the wogs and have them all sell their WRX’s so they can rock sick fixies - fully :mrgreen:


Mine are white, which kinda sucks, but great sound and reminds you how terrible the iPod ones are :slight_smile:

lame argument :roll:

everybody knows deaf peep’s got mad keen senses like ninja’s :smiley:

And even when listening to music in a car it doesn’t drown out all other sound like a pair of headphones do. If it does, then Habib my mate … give me a call because I need a good panel beater. Cash of course :wink:

Just for you I’m gonna bump the next idiot I see taking up the middle of a bike path and wearing phones. You ever tried passing one of those fuckers? I figure if their accidents waiting to happen I might as well speed up the process :evil:

Oh and BTW this thread is about headphones, you no-music-Nazis should find another thread :stuck_out_tongue:

If I feel like some music while I ride I just use the Senheiser buds and wrap them round the strap of my helmet so I can still hear them. Works a treat and if there’s a bit in a song you really want full noise for you just pop em in. :smiley:

philistine, what’s you got against ghetto blasters ??? :smiley:

personal music devices are lame … you should not only want to listen to music but advertise what music you’re listening to :mrgreen:

I hate people who walk around listening to the speaker on their phones :evil:
Just saying.

I currently use a pair of Sennheisers, I think they were $60 or $90 or thereabouts from JB Hifi. Before I got into riding I used to walk and catch buses a fair bit, and [http://www.headphone.com/products/headphones/earpad/koss-porta-pro.php"]Koss Porta Pros were my favourite headphones because they fold up so easily.

I think all the moderately-priced canal / in-ear headphones these days come with different size covers, so you should be able to make sure they don’t fall out.

If you want to stick with bud earphones and want to drool a bit, check out these two sites:

http://www.stereophile.com/headphones/ – the reviews from September 2009
High End In-Ear Headphones: Carefully Curated Selection

On the other hand, if you don’t ride with a can but want to rock some cool cans, get the Grado SR 60i’s or similar:


external headphones make too much ‘wind noise’ for me to ride

  • with the volume at a sensible level
  • while still able to hear the music
  • while still being able to ‘hear’ the road
    so going without is half (in)convenience, half paranoia of not hearing ‘the one that gets me’
    It’s not against the law. Yet.
    My hideously deformed head doesn’t hold buds in without having to gaffer them down :oops:

ps. this behemoth was at the austrade show earlier this year … tune it to magic 693 and s-l-o-w-l-y roll through gridlock :evil: … You’d be the coolest fool at school with it strapped to your flight deck.

$250USD (2G, $199 for the 1G) for the cyclist who has everything. I like the basket bracket quick release. And the fact that it’s so huge it needs two mounts. And has headlights.

Deaf people tend to have fairly shit balance, hearing impaired less so, depends when they lost it I guess.

This could work - strap it to the back of your bag maybe? About $120 I think from Retravision

sharing is caring eh spirito :slight_smile:

I hate people who walk sit around on the train listening to Brokencyde through the speaker on their phones.
Just saying.

me too … but you gotta respect someone blaring cheesy music. that takes guts :sunglasses:

I have these Sennheisers which are great as they mould and clip around the back of your ears

There are some cool speakers in the MASHSF store.

2GB MP3 Loudspeaker. water proof , rechargable, shock proof, full metal enclosure,rubberized controls, 9 hour + run time and a little speaker that is REALLY LOUD and clear. Includes a bar mount, or just put it in your pocket. Safer then headphones any day.