Lorday's lawn mower thread.

Link to Victa website showing specs - not sure if it’s this exact one, but it appears to be pretty close.

my wife and i will be moving out of our rental house and into an apartment in a few weeks.
as such, the mower we bought 18 months ago is now redundant.
just seeing if anyone here is interested in it, as i’d rather not deal with gumtree/ebay.
it’s a 4 stroke, so no need to mix in 2 stroke oil.

$200 with 5-10L jerry can (can’t remember what size). can deliver to metro melb for a 4pack of ginger beer.

hit me up on PM with any questions.

Top tube length?


I thought this was a recommend me a lawnmower thread and I was about to dazzle you all with my vast knowledge. Alas it’ll have to wait for another day.

well help tate out, explain why this is a great deal! i have no grass at my house, BUT SELL IT TO ME LORDAY, SELL IT TO ME!!!

I’d be all over this if I had a lawn.

So you bought the place we talked about. Sweet. And just in time for a looong list of must do’s before the birth.

My mower has cinelli cork tape on it.

The mower linked by the seller isn’t the mower he is selling. That ones pretty brand spankers and has B&S’s new OHV ‘e’ series engine (been availiable to consumers for 6 months max). The one the seller probably has is an the older 500 series engine which are a larger capacity enigine (158cc) but produce roughly the same power. Rest of the mower is the same. Model number for his machine is more than likely to be VCS464 aka the 18" Vantage ‘Cut and Catch’. Cheapest mower in Bunnings range which recieves Lorday’s stamp of Approval.
For $200 you can do a lot worse. $200 gets you a brand spanking new ‘Sprinter’ which is also made by Victa but isn’t Victa branded. The deck on that is imported from China as opposed to being pressed in Australia (like the O.P’s deck) is narrower, thinner, has a smaller engine, has a bar blade as opposed to swingback blades, has a shitty soft catcher and no ball bearings in the wheels. I could carry on but I already sound like a massive fuckhead.

If the seller has been running a fuel with ethanol in it or has tipped his mower upside down at any point in time I would proceed with caution. Do not use your mower as a hedge trimmer.

the details Lorday talks about ^^^ are bang on. has only been run on regular 91 and only on the grass, we don’t have a hedge.

Gordo, it is indeed the place i mentioned. loan was approved last week, still waiting on papers to come through. it was pretty much now or wait another year…i’ve had enough of waiting!

i’ve also got an electric edge trimmer (the plastic cord ones for fence/wall edges the mover doesn’t reach) that i can do a combo deal on.

I have an ultra-cheap electric mower I got from Bunnings. Ozito brand I think. My backyard is the size of a postage stamp, and takes me, quite literally, 5 minutes to mow.

Now I want to see someone using their mower as a hedge trimmer!

PS this is a brilliant thread. Lorday is a mower shaman.

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Knowledge bomb (industrial heat treatment edition):
I worked at an industrial heat treatment place. Amongst lots of other boring stuff they used to heat treat/case harden motorsport components, stuff that ended up in V8 supercars. They also did victa lawnmower cranks. The lawnmower cranks actually had higher QC requirements and moar testing than some of the motorsport stuff.

I’ll see you for a mower soon.

this doesn’t surprise me at all…

I’d assume its Victa’s 2 stroke crankshaft? If so that’s awesome. The only Aussie made engine on a lawnmower I know of and now you’re telling me its better than a race car? Awesome.

where does all this mower knowledge come from??


do you even shed bro?

(waiting for someone to chime in that they manicure their lawn with a reel/cylinder mower)

I use a push reel mower, good times until the blades dull.

Bought a $5 petrol line trimmer that needs some love at the westgarth school fete the other week to replace my $10 garage sale electric line trimmer that now only massages the grass gently.