Been swooped on by magpies enough in my time, plovers too, even cockies and galahs…but fucken LORIKEETS??? A swarm of them, fueled by some primal bloodlust, descended on me this morning, shrieking and pecking with murder in their eyes…WTF???

Keep your eyes peeled for these savage bastards:

haha that thing does have murder in its eyes O.o hardly big enough to do damage tho.

Small bird syndrome.

I had one of these as a pet once - he was a mean bastard, you are right to warn others.

Yeah sames here! Though it’s not like they are swooping in the Magpie sense to intentionally peck you. More like playing chicken to see how close they can get to you.

Recently I’ve had to contend with geese on my commute around Univ. of QLD. Tourists and stupid locals feed them which makes them get all agressive. Then they camp out on the bike path (the birds not the humans) and peck at passing riders. These geese are friggin massive!

Bloody teenager birds. No respect.

i blame Kevin Rudd, this would never had hapened in the Howard years