Low profile silver rims

The wife’s not overly happy with the single speed MTB I built her as a cafe bike.
She really wants a step-thru/mixte.
A Colossi Mixte is now high on the list and I’m looking at rim options for a wheelset.

This is not a performance wheelset so looks and practicality of 32/35C tyres are important.
Silver, rim brake, low profile and 700C.

All the usual suspects are on the list:
H+Son TB14
Velocity Razor
Velocity Dyad
Sun CR-18
Mavic A119

Any other rims people are running that I should look at?

TB 14s are what I am building up on my lady’s custom Mixte, they look very nice, are solid and shiny

+1 for TB14’s. Nice wide rim to take wide tyres. Shiny. Look Awesome/Classic. Love my TB14’s.

Keep all the receipts as proof of purchase. Stick to colours that appeal to many (not just her).
If you ride a 56cm then make some story as to why she really needs a 56cm mixte frame even though she’s only 5’2" tall.

Hed Belgium C2’s - might be over kill.

Yeah and get your name on the top tube.
Tb14 for lyf
Other than that velocity a23
Both of these are wider and accomadate larger tyres better.

Is this for re-sale when she doesn’t like this either or because I want to do sic whipskidz on a Mixte?
She has long legs and a shorter torso/arms. Town bars for her, rizors for me (;
Maybe I should put Profile cranks and hubs on it too …

But seriously, I’m also looking for a 130BCD chain keeper/guard like a Salsa Ring Dinger or Crossing guard in silver for 44-46T.
Any suggestions?
A setup like this is probably ideal, possible in pink, white or silver.

A 52 ring with the teeth ground off for the macgyver approach??

That chain guard above looks real nice!

I did think about sacrificing DS crankarm and making a holder I could drop into my neighbour’s lathe.
Then I could nicely machine a bevel on a 52T chainring and make it looks schmick.
Not sure if his lathe has enough swing.

And of course Velo Orange is does have something that’s reasonable.

just mount the chainring on the outside of the chuck jaws, if his lathe is big enough

ive got a sugino chainring guard if you want mate, can snap pics later tonight.


pm if you want it.