Lunch with Rhys: 4/9/15

Where did the general chit chat thread go?

I’ll be in Sydney on Friday the 4th, will be able to catch up for lunch in the city. Jonno, Rod? You guys keen?

Yeah mate, I’m in.

I’m inviting myself to this.


All welcome of course Lorday - I just knew Rod and Jonno worked nearby.
Will sort out some details when I’m not in the middle of a nappy change :slight_smile:

FOA lunch! Yes

Locals: where do you propose we conduct such an activity?

Somewhere between westpac and ABC? Any pubs spring to mind?

I’ll drop in if I can make it. But my lunch breaks are pretty un-flexible.

What about Schnitz?

I expected this.

Nearly missed this.


Contemplating taking the day off just so I can hang out a bit more…and I have had the last 3 Fridays off because #dadlyf and I am starting to get used to it.

Talk about having lunch in this thread.

Lunch is great. What is this schnitz like?

schnitz is a place at World Square that sent the ABC News Library a whole bunch of free lunch vouchers, and I have been exploiting said vouchers.

I don’t mind where we go - Lord Nelson is always good.

Could go lord Nelson.

Rods shout

Should I book a table at the Lord Nelson? If yes - what time? How many? Do they do Schnitzel?

Jono, get the afternoon off so we can get a bit boozed.

Book a table! For 5 people maybe? Who all is coming?

Taking the arvo off sounds like a fucking great plan. I’ll see what my boss thinks about it. “Yeah, I’ve got a mate in town who I haven’t seen for a year, yeah, he’s a new dad and could really do with some time with an experienced father. Bonding n that.” Drinking as community service?