Made the switch to Fixed

Hey guy’s, After riding SS on my commutes for a couple of months I switched to Fixed and I am loving it.

The only issue I am coming across that makes me somewhat uncomfortable is unclipping from my pedals when I am close to or needing to stop due to the position of my feet which could be anywhere in a rotation at that time.

I am currently using the Shimano M324 Combination Pedals with the MTB bike cleated pedal on one side and normal flat pedal on the other.

Should I consider switching to a toe clip or a strap instead ? What is the best pedal for riding fixed when considering easier / stylish dismount :wink:


keep the setup you’ve got, practise, you’ll figure it out in time.

what Rolly said. Lots of practice.
Ah man… I really need to dust off my sweet fixie.

While many here would disagree, I reckon clips and straps are the way to go!
#toshidoublesforlyfe. :slight_smile:

Thanks all, I guess the other reason I asked was for those relatively frequent occasions where I head to the local shops etc and I want some way of attaching myself to the pedal rather than adorning my MTB shoes.

I will though do some more practice with the cleats, I have not clip stacked as yet so I can’t be doing too bad.


That’s easy. Just don’t take your MTB shoes off.

No seriously, it’s called the Benzy Method.

Or buy some DZRs or Chrome Kursk Pros or something.

well, see, that’s a different question.

I have many bikes, if I wanna wear normal shoes I just take a different bike :wink:

that said, considering I’m about to put rizzzzooorrzzzzz back on my fixxzzzxxaayyyss bike, I may switch back to straps and cages.

i’ve got both vans warner spds and 510 hellcats, both look pretty normal and are fine to walk around in, although the hellcats have a very soft sole so aren’t that good for riding in.
all of my bikes have cleats, i’ve ridden in thongs just down the road though.

If you’re going to keep it fixed, and you’re ok with mtb shoes, you might want to swap those single-sided pedals for regular double sided ones, e.g. Time Atac Aliums.

The best thing about mtb pedals is not having to flip the pedal over to clip in, and the semi-platforms kill that. (Assuming you’re not riding fixed on the platform side, cos that would be silly unless tricks, and no one does tricks these days, right?)

I agree Mtb shoes are pretty good. But yea double sided pedals.

If you’re riding brakeless or skidding a bit, make sure you have enough float - unless you’re sure your cleat positions are dialled in because it can start to hurt if they’re poorly setup - where as cages give you a little more room for your feet/knees to sit comfortably when you’re fooling around.

(sorry, can of worms re cleat position - but I read somewhere to look at how your feet are positioned naturally when you’re standing and position your cleats accordingly? I have no real idea but that’s what I do and it feels alright.)

As for most stylish/hilarious dismount - You can’t beat cages imo. Creativity is key.

Thanks guy’s, I am riding with brakes front and back because I was riding SS previously.I am not skid stopping at the moment but its something I want to learn how to do but my gear ratio’s don’t currently help running 16/48.

My Setup:

I may ditch the TT brake levers and go a front only in the near future but for now having front and back braking is helping me ease into riding fixed.

Thanks for the info on those DZR shoes they look sweet :slight_smile:

Why have 2 sided pedals when you can have 4!

Actually not SRS. Using these pedals for sw8 skidzz will result in faceplant and/or separated shoulder.

baby steps and practice. eventually take the back brake and you’ll naturally prefer to skid stop than to use your brake.
I still got my front but only use it for emergencies, pedestrians just hook it in front of you. But usually i still skid stop and it scares the cr@p out of the pedestrian. Most think you’re out of control when you are just braking hehe

I use the ‘hold fast’ straps.

Bollocks. I’ve used them for years and never unclipped unintentionally, sw8 fixxay skidzz or not.

You have one skid patch. Get a 17T. It will be a slightly easier gear ratio and give you all of the patches.

Cheers guy’s, I will have to practice skid stopping, Gold I do have a 15t which no doubt gives me more patches but I assume this is going to make it pretty difficult not to mention destroy my knee’s.

I’ll source a 17t as suggested, I was happy with my mid 30 cruising speeds I guess I can still maintain that I will just have to learn to spin a bit faster :wink:

I commuted on my road bike today for a change and I already feel like I can handle the bike a bit better after riding fixed for a few weeks and I noticed my average cadence has jumped up quite dramatically.

best of both worlds!!!

Ha, Thanks mate, I have been riding with a few different pedals since then. I rode with Straps then back to Shimano SPD’s and now I ride with CrankBros Egg Beaters :slight_smile:

If you need to keep your feet in a certain spot for an easier dismount, just hop-skid with your feet in that position as you’re coming to a stop. Keeps you from rotating around to an awkward spot. Worth practicing as well as trackstands.