Map embedding on FOA

Wondering if it’s possible to embed your garmin/ google/ whatever routes into a page on the forum? Sure it’s easy enough to just put in a link to the route but would be nice is all. I have tried putting the embed code inside [IMG],

 tags with no luck so was kinda hoping one of the many guru's (nerds) on here could make it happen. Cheers

[i]Here is the code:[/i] <iframe width='460' height='600' frameborder='0' src=''></iframe>

[i]Here is the link:[/i]

[Garmin Connect - Bay Loop V.1](

The iframe needs HTML, but HTML code is off for this VBB setup, so unless they have a BB code version that can be patched in you’re SOL.

Same as oratiohh’s request for twitter embedding (which does have a BBcode patch, but it’s not installed)

Cheers but :slight_smile:

You could screen dump the image, save as a jpeg or whatever, then embed the image … and then put in the link so others could access the link.