Marc <3's tiny wheel bikes OR frame >> ERD

Japan do it better:

I know I am.

Donated my frankenbike to an African bike charity, hope there’s a tall African gent somewhere over there enjoying it as much as I did.

ive been wanting to buy a moulton lately, no idea why.

I have the same level of hankering for a brompton.

Seriously, listen to you guys ^

What’s the matter? Bottom bracket too low for you?


Always frothed on Bromptons. One day. Have a Bike Friday NWT, toured on it plenty. Don’t love it.

I thought you were into compliant seatposts.

I will have a brompton one day, oh yes I will. Just not anytime soon.

giant/orange bike thread crossover:

this recently ended on ebay in oz.

What is this, recumbents dot org

couple of bickertons on GT at the moment, and an over priced moulton. Ive got my eyes peeled for an apb

This is my favourite.

I let the 650B, retro roadie, cx and “foofy porteur bike” fads pass me by, but…

you’re at that age when you have to buy a brompton (or possibly a moulton if you are an engineer/need to portage goon bags within the space frame of your bicycle)
Visionary forward thinker that he is Des already has a brompton and so doesn’t have to go through 20 years worth of bike fads before buying one

This forum is getting shit

There really needs to be less folding bike talk.

Just more compact.

It’ll never really fold.

another h

^this. Small joy.

All this talk of folding bikes (sniggering like Muttley).