MASH logo LOLz

Spotted this in Myer today…

Reckon it’s pretty damn close to this…

Nice work “MCD”.

Yeah that’s pretty bad…

Charge did a very similar logo to mash which mash called them out on, although the mash shield is basically a beer brands logo aswell, can’t remember the brand right now, Gene should know.

murder city devils, always rippin’ shit off.

A graphic designer ripped something off!??!?!!???

Stop the press! Hold the front page!

I was talking to girl who was working as s low level designer for The Gap to support her Art practice and she was routinely givin art work and told to adapt (read ‘rip off’) it for t-shirts. She was once, unbeknownst to her boss, givin her own work to rip off.

i win

I doodled these, RUH ROW!

I got a thermal undershirt from Super Sex On Peace in Japan with ^^that^^ misfits logo in a cog and it says ‘The Misfixed’.

I think in the industry they refer to it as ‘inspired’ not ‘ripping off’.

I liked it better when World Industries, etc was doing it in the early 90s… Much more blatant and much more amusing targets.

^ I had the Colvinetics deck back then, some funny stuff was coming about around that time.

A mate has that sticker on his laptop.
There you go, if you think you’ve come up with a cool idea it’s most likely been done before.
Except I’m pretty sure the misfixed one doesn’t have the fiend skull wearing a helmet.

That’s what we did at work with coco channel’s own couch. End result waspretty much exactly the same.
People loved that shit.

I was so close to printing Track Sabbath shirts with the Master of Reality font, but never got around to it.

We did, however, make these ones for Roller Racing…

But in all seriousness, large(ish) clothing companies ripping off small bike companies logos pisses me off. The 90’s World Industries rip offs were fine, as is the Stussy YSL shirt.

@ Sime. Great minds…

I was contemplating doing the Black Flag flip…

ride_above2 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

‘Ride Above’ features on all Ashcan labels too.

And Fatlace did a flip on the Bike/Nike thing…

it’s probably inappropriate to post my ‘Black Fag’ t-shirt design, huh?

I’m struggling to ID anything Original in mainstream or sub/pop culture nowadays.
Everything is derivative in some way.Some is just more overt than others.

They should call it ‘eating a bag of dicks’


i know the guy that designed that tank, and he use to race track too, so it would be a sure thing he got the idea from the mash logo

They should’ve stuck to being a surf / motocross brand.