MASH SF video link

For those interested, you can download the Mash SF movie from here:

For those of you who are computer illiterate like myself, to download the movie you must enter the three letter code into the box next to the download button at the top of the page. It took me forever to work it out.


Thanks Lurker, my first illegal download of a movie. Now I’m a badass, like all the hip interweb kids. :expressionless:

Gezz, luckly I didn’t lay down my hard earned too…

Most boring film ever.

you obviously haven’t seen into the wild. that was a stinker!

Yes I reckon there was too much just riding around the streets like normal? Also San Fransisco looks like a really crappy place to ride fixed with all those hills.

However the first guy (Andy) seemed to have my dream bullhorns! Ive ruined a few drop bars trying to get the same position, of course I would tape my bars as holding onto cold slippery bars sucks, but does anyone know the name/model of these? Are they nitto? thanks

the film is forgettable. the extras (outtakes) are better, somehow.

They are Syntace Stratos pursuit bars I believe.

i have to admit i’m underwhelmed by this movie.
for all the hype and hysteria i was expecting something at least as interesting as pedal or red light go.
this was much more like all the basic mountain bike videos. and they all remind me of you tube “what me and my mates did on the weekend” videos.

still, interesting enough i guess.

Nothing that interesting that you can’t find on the net for free i.e Youtube or Brunelle etc

redeeming features

[li]blondie[/li]gorilla biscuits
bad brains

ok, i wanted to make sure i wasn’t under the influence of… something before i wrote this.
i’ve sat thru this movie 3 times now.
every time someone else comes over they want to see it.
i’m hiding the damn thing.
sorry guys, i no longer have a copy of this movie.
i gave it away.

this has got to be one of the worst supposedly professional movies i have EVER seen.
and i watched MTB movies for years.
no coherency, no point, no story or even basic attempt to connect with anyone involved.
it was just a bunch of people riding round town.
the whole movie is “what we did on the weekend” without actually doing anything.

i might be missing the point as i am, admittedly, old and past it.
the whole movie consisted solely of people riding down hills and skidding.
ok, i get it. you can skid. that’s great.
but would it have killed you to actually spend 5 minutes on something else?
oh, i forgot. sorry.
that’s right, there were wall rides. or slope rides anyway.

i was lucky enough to have got this for free.
if i’d had to pay anything for it, even bandwidth to download it, i’d have had to go postal in a library to make me feel better.
please god, people, look for something better.
have a look at lucas brunelle’s alley cat videos.
i’ll even make it easy for you

see, follow that link.

watch red light go maybe. at least it has a purpose, however inane or niche.
pedal at least had the saving grace of being about some interesting charcters, no matter how annoying or damaged.

this, this had nothing.
in an hour of main feature i think i was impressed by about 5 minutes. and that 5 minutes only consisted of the FIRST time i saw someone do something cool.
the next 20 times i saw the same thing done by the first guys 10 friends, it stopped being impressive and became repetitive.
and boring.

if i have to watch it once more, i’m going to put out my eyes with a fork.
better yet, i think i’ll put out the eyes of the next person who wants to see it.
anyone in brisbane want my copy?

… and the longest end titles i’ve ever seen. they thanked, and kissed the ass, of every website, shop, mag and person in the fixie scene.

  • actually, i just went back and checked and 10% of the movie is the end titles.

I had a think about this while riding in, especially the point regarding a bunch of guys, who no one knows anything about, riding down hills and skidding.

At least RED LIGHT GO introduced the riders. We knew they’d been a messenger for 15 years or rode on the USA olympic track team etc. and it told a story about a race in NY. In the old skateboard/snowboard videos (what us old guys had before DVD’s) you knew you were watching pros, or soon-to-be pros pulling great tricks (remember the Rippey Flip or Mullens Darkslide?). They weren’t just unknowns boarding down a hill or ollying garbage cans.

But no background on the riders and no narrative?! Doesn’t make for an interesting movie really. Apparently Melburn Massive are putting together a DVD at the moment, so hopefully they do a better job with it.

Oh and the music… while it was good to hear a few of my fave, old bands, they picked the most obvious songs from each.

And it certainly isn’t worth $18/$15 to see (it’s only 50 mins sans titles) at the Premiere at Rooftop Cinema!

I must agree, I was pretty disappointed too. I had been waiting to see this for what seems like ages, after seeing the trailer several times - The problem is, the trailer is made up of the best parts from the film… It’s ashame, because I think there was some good footage there, but the editing was just plain lazy.

to be honest (in case you thought i might have been pulling my punches and tempering what i thought in my last post), i think laziness is the problem throughout the movie.

it really is like the first of the big MTB movies.
if any of you saw the first new world disorder or kranked movies, they were good because it was the first time we were seeing that sort of riding put to film.
as the movies got older, and more types of ride movies were made, people had to put more effort into what was being done with the actual filming, editing, and character of the movie to make it interesting.
so you end up with movies like Roam, or The Collective (although to be fair they were both done by the same group, but you get what i mean.). beautiful filming, innovative camera work, some of the best riders in the MTB scene worldwide, and some of the most spectacular scenery anywhere.

MASH is in direct competition with youtube, which it can sort of hold its own against except that youtube is free, and movies like RedLightGo or Delph Respect, which have just as high a standard of riding in most cases, and interesting characterization as well.
yes it’s interesting to see some of the stunts and tricks that they can pull, and yes i am in awe of SOME of the riding, but most of the movie just seemed like pointless repetition.
having said that, you have to give them their chops for actually getting off their asses and doing it. the amount of work needed to get a project , no matter how small, off the ground and sold world wide is immense. unless you have worked in the industry it’s hard to visualize the kind of obstacles that can be placed in your way. so, all props and respect to them for actually getting it doen.
i just wish the final result had been more… interesting, engaging, fun, something.

i know it’s a common thing to say “i could do that” when people never have the intention of doing so, but even in a small city like Brisbane it would be easily possible to make a feature with interest in it than MASH.

and having said that, i guess the gauntlet is hurled.
who thinks they could do it?
anyone have the access to the equipment that we would realistically need?
not to make a full feature, but maybe a 5-10 minute piece on one of the alley cats, just to see how we would do.

i seem to recall someone mentioning a cat coming up in both brisbane and sydney in the nearish future, and melbourne seem to have one every week :slight_smile:
also global gutz is coming up soon, race against the world for tickets to the CMWC in toronto.
that would make a neat little movie surely?

In fact, I was just discussing this over a shiraz stoked dinner with a couple of people.

I thought it should have been much better than it was because even though it may be the first of it’s type (in a way) there is so much out there already, they should have known what they were up against in terms of production quality.

And yes, props to them for doing it, but I’d think if you’re going to do it, you have to present a new slant on it. Not just throwing out something to be the first to do it.

I’m sure there’s enough people out there to put together something if we wanted to… really. Cameras, editing, skills etc aren’t hard to find. After watching all this, I looked up Louis Brunelles website and checked out his double, helmet cam/bike cam and it’s brilliant. That’s why he gets the shots he gets and why his stuff looks infinately better than the MASH stuff. But if you haven’t got that, then you need an engaging story and theirs, sadly, had neither.

It’s like any other short film (for anyone else that went to film school), you need a good script first. No script . no story = no film. Images only, even if they are great, don’t cut it. People need a reason to WANT to watch it. And really, after the first few minutes it got boring pretty quickly. I was happy when they binned it occassionally , cos at least I got a laugh and it broke the boredom.

I hope the next effort portrays us as a very diverse bunch of guys (18-50/students/workers/professionals) that just like riding strange bikes, cos that’s what we are… not SF hipsters.

finished watching the outtakes tonight. much better than the film. both gabe’s and mike’s bio/solo parts are killer, the best shit on the disc.

and if you haven’t seen steady scraping, bloody do so.

yah, i’m glad i didn’t pay money to watch it.
the two things that stuck out the most for me were, like you guys were saying,

  • camerawork was not intersting enough. the footage was great quality and nicely composed, but 90% of it seemed to be shot from motorscooter or a skateboard for the downhill bit. a top tube mounted camera that shot the riders face and the road infront that they could have edited in at times, would have spiced it up a lot. i think it was maybe an image thing? brunnelle looks like such a dork with his camera setup, i know it gets results, but it also means he looks out of place on camera

  • there needed to be some unifying story, if we were introduced to all th characters in 3 minute segments, a little voiceover by them telling us about themselves and where they fit in the scene, how long they’d been riding, anecdotes or stories etc. and then it all climaxed in a alleycat, or a confrontation of some sort, or a roadtrip to some superb riding grounds, it would have really made a much more cohesive film

also, there wasn’t enough danger, i wasn’t sitting on the edge of my seat like in a brunelle film, that may be camerwork, it may be editing, it may be the fact they didn’t have enough of the sound from the environment.
i do have to say the promo clip is awesome, better then the film, and the music choices were quite good, i like the SF band they used for the promo, the mall, they’re not bad, and using all local music (i assume) is a good move.

i’d be up for holding a camera or something if someone in melbourne wants to give it a shot.

also, omar can do a superman as well, lots of people can do the tricks they showed, or most of them, i think they were focusing on the wrong stuff. if i wanted tricks i’d watch flatland.

also, aren’t there ANY women in san francisco?

some of the hip hop was SF but bad brains are DC, gorilla biscuits NYC and m83 are french, i think. i thought the blondie song suited perfectly.

after these ringing compliments for the film i want my 20 bucks back for my ticket to the rooftop…

I should have remembered what Chuck D said.

i was reelin’ with the boom in the back, the treble was level i like it like that ??? :smiley: