masi speciale fixed

I was in bikeforce in essendon the other day and saw they are selling Masi Speciale Fixed’s for $899. It seemed cheapish.

I was ogling these things online,and liked the look of the current red model…until, I saw one in a shop and had a good close look.Just seemed shoddy and tacked together.Didn’t match the Name or the hype for me. :expressionless:

I got the slate/plum/white colour model from 08(?) and it had way better components than the red model thats around now. my housemate got one and it was okay but all masi brand parts. He payed $1k 2 months ago tho. Back when i bought mine i payed $1300


overpriced IMHO

And ugly.

dont buy a masi unless you want the bike of the riffraff

…needless to say i’ve been looking for a new frame. especially since i saw a drunk ‘‘champ’’ trying to impress chicks with his masi in st kilda. :expressionless:

pft ha ha all depends on the dude riding it i guess

true true. no need to be a hater… far too many in the world of 2 wheels as it is. :roll:

Bikehub have big discounts on these at the moment. After there were hardly any around for a while, they all seem to have over imported.

I picked up mine for about $800, the red one. Does the job. I don’t trick or pose, but for riding and training, its a good bike.

TVM has had one for over a year and yes it is a good bike. not a huge fan of the geometry

ditto on the geometry, and the 08 smacks the 09 out of the park.

has anyone seen the track bike from masi, ie non hipster?

cant remember the b]name but i saw one on the bay recently

i remember seeing a really old masi track on ebay a few months ago, looks sick. and looked nothing like the new ones




The name had eluded me for some time

Anyone had any experience with?

I nearly got one, but didn’t. I think Spoke(n) can get them, they look awesome.

Oh… the non hipster version:

Really? Spoke(n)?


Oh and cheers for the Non Hipster pic