Max NM Alu and Carbon Parts

Finally having internet at my new home and more importantly finally having a torque wrench I was wondering if you always tighten the bolts to their max nm printed on the parts? My seatpost clamp says max 7nm which is quite a lot I would think (Carbon post in carbon frame).

try 5 or 6 and if it slips go to 7

From what I can tell it was around 5-6ish but it started making cracking noises (its not cracking but you know what I mean). I may check if tighten it to 7nm will change anything. I never came across 7nm for regular parts on any of my bikes though and was a bit surprised.

I think the only 7nm parts I have are Halo skewers.

at work we have (factory issued) 5 and 6.8 nm torqkey in 4 mm, so it’s not that unusual

I use carbon paste and tighten 1-2 Nm less than the given limit on parts like seat post/stem/bar etc.

ratch that shit to 7

Keep tightening until the carbon cracks then back it off about 1/4 turn.

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Never go to the max Nm