max spacer stack?

OK this isn’t the sort of question I imagined myself ever asking…but I have lost touch with modern fashion…maybe I am channelling Horatio…how much spacer is too much (both under and over stem)?

Does the fork have a carbon, aluminium or steel steerer?

^^ Lol

Crabon steerer,
…I was thinking more about aesthetics & off-the-peg frame sizing tho…25mm? 30?

I’ve got 5cm below stem and 1cm above stem on the polo bike, all my others run about 2cm below, 1cm above.
I really don’t think having too many spacers will cause any practical issues, it just looks silly and probably means you have chosen the wrong frame or bars


Someone begs to differ.

Any spacer is too much, slam that bitch then when the back hurts, buy a new fork :wink:

Obviously for barspinz.

…is the new Fixed Gear Gallery.

Carbon steerer you always need a tiny spacer on top, as for below, depends how old you are mate!

I am currently running 100mm on my crosscheck and it looks fucking gash.

Bike manufacturers have a limit that they recommend for stack height.
My bike s works runs 30mm and i think any more than that you need to reconsider the stem that your using.
The main reason i run 30mm is the s works runs a shorter headtube than the non s works tarmac.

Brakefree, that photo is smasing!

Is your cross check gravy brown and was locked up out front of Naturally on High on Monday? Saw one with Wayyyy lots-a-spacer (Top and bottom). Yowsers!

Any more than 40mm above the stem is a no-no, because, if you run into the back on something (i.e truck) you’ll use your steerer tube as a chest skewer and break some ribs.

Yes I’ve done that.

Funny cos true. My fave thing about the stem slamming is the complete disregard for bike fit.

No, mine is black and if it’s north of the river, it’s been stolen.

It’s a bit of a frankenbike but super fun.

not important.

Obvs, duh.

If you’ve got 100mm spacers they better be Rasta colourwayed or colours of your favourite team.