MAZZA Columbus MAX Track (2011 Readers Choice Award Winner!)

Ok so I’m a lazy bastard and not very skilled when it comes to taking photos, but seeing as I was lucky enough to have someone come and take some beautiful photos of my favourite track bike I thought I’d share them here for anyone who doesn’t see them on his blog. There should be some more photo sets of two of my other bikes coming soon too…

Beautiful Bicycle: Ben’s Mazza MAX Track (Prolly Is Not Probably)

Beautiful Bicycle: Ben’s Mazza MAX Track - a set on Flickr

Swiss built ey? Not Related to Mick Mazza Cycles in Sydney?

That colour is insane in those photos… more intense than I remember in real life.

ben, drop dead gorgeous. I was just thinking about these matching bikes a few days ago! no shit!


Real nice that tape wood look terrible on most bikes on this its killer plus i like that the Cinelli tape logos line up little touches make all the differences.

These bikes always look like you are having so much fun coffee, best part is the matching jersey.

Holy cow. That is stunning! So many amazing bikes lately

Readers choice award is steeping up this year!

Wow that is amazing

Nice work

so true, i think we’re going to need categories, ie, best overall, best jap, best european, best DIY, best paint, etc etc…

…best McBain.

Meh… okay coffee

Kidding amazing nice photos!

And we’ll try and have the voting open longer than a week this year…

And yeah, this bike is damn nice.

that’s some serious colour-in a good way though, love the build.

Hey man when you go back to collecting sneakers…hit a brother up.

i can’t decide which of your bikes i like better

bundy on prolly

Fluro. I like it.

oh, i know which one i prefer… :wink:

colours are insanee.
and love the cranks.

well deserved! congrats coffee!

Awesome, finally some recognition for my credit card debt! Thanks to everyone who voted for the most stealthiest build in the universe, lets keep building hot bikes and riding the shit out of them…